Run Any Agile Event on a Whiteboard and Get The Work Done — Recap Video From Our Latest Live Webinar

Run Any Agile Event on a Whiteboard and Get The Work Done — Recap Video From Our Latest Live Webinar is a perfect collaborative platform where distributed teams meet online to work effectively together and get things done. You can use our app for any project you would like, starting from personal assignments, brainstorming sessions, or managing Agile workflows.

When using Whiteboards, you can make the most of a set of collaboration features, make the work between different teams effortless, and organize any Agile event using audio and video chatframes, and many more!

Empower all of your team members to stay aligned and develop new solutions — do it on a platform that makes it all possible in real-time. Generate product roadmapsmap user stories, or conduct retrospectives. Do it all and more while also focusing on delivering the right products to your customers.

Live webinars as the best opportunity to share knowledge

At Whiteboards, we are constantly sharing knowledge. Not only during daily meetings with team members but also with our customers. For this reason, we not only produce content for our blog or develop our Help Center, but we are also active in the webinar world.

Just a few weeks ago, we held another event to share our knowledge of Agile. We presented why is the perfect tool to run any Agile ceremony and showed how to use our tool in practice. Our speaker, Paweł, conducted an insightful demo session of our product.

What can you learn from our live webinar?

During a short presentation, our speaker, Pawel Mazur, answered some questions and explained the ins and outs of integrating Jira with Whiteboards, how to run Agile (and not only) events on a digital board, and how to measure your progress with this collaboration tool.

The presentation also covered the most popular issues, such as the disjoint between product discovery and delivery phases, how much extra work teams have to perform when the tools they use are not connected, or having to operate on numerous apps and services instead of just one. 

The session ended with a scenario where a small SaaS product experienced four hours of downtime, and its customers contacted the support team to inform about this fact. Our speaker ran a demo session where he explained in detail what can be done in such a situation using only one tool and taking advantage of deep Jira integration.

Are you curious about what else happened during our webinar? Feel free to watch the recording below!

Read our guide to deepen your knowledge

As we speak of knowledge sharing and broadening your horizons, did you know that we’ve also prepared a value-packed ebook that can guide you through the best Agile principles?

Thanks to the guide, you discover:

  • The difference between Agile vs. Traditional Project Management,
  • What it means to “do Agile” vs. “be Agile”,
  • How you can spot “fake Agile” in your own organization,
  • What you should NOT do when transitioning to Agile,
  • How to introduce Agile successfully.

Summing up

So there you have it! We hope you found the webinar recording helpful in understanding what is and how you can use it in your team. 

We also hope that running any Agile event with your remote team will become a pleasurable experience! Don’t forget to check our templates library to make these processes easier and smoother!

And if you’d like to discover more about going Agile the right way, check out our blog post specifically dedicated to that topic and knowledge-packed PDF guide.

We also invite you to test our tool for free, where you can have unlimited guests and users, five editable digital whiteboards, and take advantage of Jira and Confluence integration.