The Best Agile Conferences to Attend in 2023

Agile Conferences in 2023

If you’re an Agile enthusiast, just like we are at, or work in the Agile field, it’s extremely crucial to stay up-to-date with the latest trends, announcements, or advancements. Luckily, we’ve prepared a list of this year’s conferences that can help you dive deeper into the topic, meet other Agile aficionados, or listen to insightful presentations. 

Without further ado, let’s see what 2023 brings in terms of Agile conferences. Get your calendar ready to mark down these dates. You surely don’t want to miss out!

The best Agile conferences to attend in 2023

Below, you’ll find the list of the most exciting and popular Agile conferences you should attend in 2023.

Team ’23

When: April 18-20

Where: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA + Online

This year, the most popular Atlassian event will be held in person in Las Vegas and online. The annual user conference is the ultimate event for those fascinated by modern teamwork, Agile, and more. Meet with great thought leaders from all around the world to explore how collaboration, humanity, and technology intertwine and learn new methods to unleash your team’s full potential.

If you’re still wondering whether it is worth joining the conference, take a look at past year’s presentations. Should you be in an open (software) relationship and Work differently, together: A new vision for Work Management are our favorite highlights!

SAFe Summit Europe

When: May 15-17

Where: Prague, Czech Republic

A regional SAFe summit hosted in Prague, Czech Republic. Connect with hundreds of thought leaders while also engaging in keynotes, presentations, or workshops. Learn how world-class enterprises use the SAFe method to thrive in the fast-changing environment. Practice Agile ways of working with subject matter experts, coaches, or professionals to build better software cultures.


When: May 18-19

Where: Cracow, Poland

Join the largest regional conference in Central Europe! In this edition, the organizers will combine two tracks, Product Design & Management and Agile Software development, into one event. It’s a great place to learn more from Scrum Masters, Project and Product Managers, Agile Coaches, and more. 

Don’t forget to check the recap videos from past years’ editions. We’re pretty sure you’ll find something valuable in their library. Find out more here.

Agile + DevOps West

When: June 4-9

Where: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA + Online

The event brings together all individuals seeking to accelerate to accelerate the delivery process of their newest applications. Bring together your stakeholders thanks to a better practice of Agile and DevOps. Learn more from industry experts to improve the deployment frequency, deliver stable features, and reduce lead time. The event will be held in a hybrid form, allowing the participants to select which version of the event is right for them — onsite or online.

Agile & Beyond 2023

When: June 13-14

Where: Detroit, Michigan, USA

The conference is returning for its 11th edition! Get down to Detroit, Michigan, to listen to inspiring presentations and discover Agile (and not only) more! Join top-quality industry experts and speakers during keynote presentations or breakout session. Take part in insightful conversations and share your knowledge with others.

Agile 2023

When: July 24-28

Where: Orlando, Florida, USA

Join the annual conference dedicated to innovating, exploring, and advancing Agile principles and values! Create a better space for ideas and people to flourish thanks to inspiring talks and presentations. Make new connections, collaborate with passionate Agilists, and learn about the latest trends, practices, or strategies in software development.

Watch here the curated lists of videos from past events and conferences. Explore full-length sessions featuring Agile practitioners and experts.

SAFe Summit America

When: August 15-18

Where: Nashville, Tennessee, USA

The second part of the SAFE Summit visits America! Those who can’t travel to the European event in Prague are welcome to join the American edition. See Agile coaches, enthusiasts, and subject matter experts in action and talk Agile! Join keynotes, workshops, or breakout sessions to listen to real customers’ stories.

Agile Prague

When: September 18-19

Where: Prague, Czech Republic

The second big conference run in Prague, Czech Republic, has two parallel tracks in two days! Choose between various great talks from Scrum Masters, Team Leaders, or Product Owners. Try out Agile practices during workshops for Developers and Testers, share your knowledge, and have numerous discussions with Agile fans in an open space.

Take a look at the recording from last year’s event here and get a glimpse of what you can expect in 2023.

eXperience Agile

When: September 22, 25-26

Where: Lisbon, Portugal

Take a look into the world of Agility and connect with other Agile lovers. Visit Lisbon to eXperience insightful presentations, meet with the industry folks, or educate yourself on the rich Agile topic. Build a better enterprise competence in a rapidly changing world.

Visit the dedicated YouTube channel where you’ll find dozens of expert videos, webinars, and talks!

Agile Testing Days

When: November 13-16

Where: Potsdam, Germany

Share knowledge and network with over 600 international Agile software engineers and testers over four days! Join the Agile Testing Days event to get more insights about quality assurance, software testing, and more!

Click here to find lots of inspiring talks and presentations in full length.

Other 2023 product conferences worth mentioning

We wouldn’t be ourselves if we didn’t mention other 2023 conferences you might consider attending. The list below focuses mainly on conferences dedicated to products — their development and delivery. 

Summing up

That concludes the list of the most exciting Agile and product conferences! 

Please be aware that some of the event’s dates or locations might have changed since this article was published. We highly recommend double-checking their websites before purchasing your tickets.

Also, bear in mind that ticket prices may vary depending on when you register for your chosen events. More details on prices can be found directly on the linked websites.

We wish you a great time at your most awaited conferences!