Top 5 Product Management Templates to Use on

Top 5 Product Management Templates to Use on

Product Manager is a key person in the lifecycle of a product. Studies show that 80% of Product Managers take an active part in design activities or are involved in go-to-market decisions; they also focus on management strategy, development, or user experience. Also, 60% of Product Managers with basic analytics skills dig deeply into metrics and draw insightful information without relying on business analysts.

Still, it’s a common practice that Product Managers spend a big chunk of their time trying to address unexpected problems and push the projects forward. It’s clear to see that they could use a little help. Luckily, we’ve got a perfect solution for them! offers numerous product management templates and more! Save time every step of the way and be more efficient with our powerful tool that also integrates seamlessly with Jira, Confluence, and GitHub! Read the article and don’t hesitate to give Whiteboards a try!

Why product management templates can help Product Managers save time

Even if you’re not a Product Manager but work closely with one, you still may need to reevaluate the current processes, develop a new feature, or create a product roadmap. The product management templates will help you not only provide a comprehensive work management solution but also store important information in an orderly manner. That way, you will be able to easily find specific action items in no time.

The ready-made templates are extremely helpful when it comes to building out the procedures, reaching business goals, or ensuring that nothing gets lost in the whirlwind of work. They help Product Managers stay in the loop long after another successful product launch, especially when new feature requests, bugs, or customer feedback keep coming back. The templates help consolidate, manage, and organize all needed assets in one virtual space. offers numerous templates explicitly dedicated to streamlining all of your processes. Below you’ll find a list of the top 5 product management templates you can use with your team right away.

Top 5 product management templates

The product development process is a challenging thing to do. As a Product Manager, you need to remember about the most crucial user needs, agreed-upon product requirements, and people involved in the process from the early stages of the work. Doing it all and more from scratch might seem overwhelming; however, with ready-made templates, you can get a high-level overview of the procedures and ensure every team member stays on the same page., as your go-to project management tool, can help cross-functional teams reach their most significant key milestones, ensure a successful market launch of new ideas, and, most importantly, lead to product’s success. Read on to find out which ready-to-use templates will be most helpful for development teams or engineering teams.

User Story Mapping Template

The User Story Mapping template can help you visualize the step-by-step process or user flows when using your product. The template allows you to create the customer journey considering all actions an individual takes when interacting with your solution. Figuring out where a user clicks (or should be clicking) in your product allows you to spot any oversights in the UX design and serves as an idea-generation session to fill up those gaps.

The template designed by captures the customer’s journey on simple sticky notes, columns, and swimlanes. Together with your team, you can gather on a digital board and draw up the current customer experience of your existing product. By investing time into more research and discussion, the tool allows you to create custom fields needed for a deeper understanding of the customer journey map.

User Story Mapping Template on Whiteboards
User Story Mapping Template on Whiteboards

User Story Map creation allows Product Managers to see the big picture of the actual or new product. The entire team can decide on their next steps, whether it’s product planning, product features, or product design. With the pre-made template, you can also collaborate with your on-site, hybrid, or remote team in real time or asynchronously.

Issue Tree For Product Opportunities Template

As a Product Manager, you might come across many issues or obstacles when working on a project. The Issue Tree for Product Opportunities template can assist you with analyzing certain courses of action and their consequences. By structuring your thoughts, assumptions, or data sets on a graphical layout, you can find the problems you, your team, or your company encounter.

Issue Tree For Product Opportunities Template on Whiteboards
Issue Tree For Product Opportunities Template on Whiteboards

The ready-made template gives you a broader perspective on the issues allowing you to put a hierarchical list of all the causes of a problem. These include the main issue, sub-issues, hypotheses, and action items. Asking critical questions during the ideation process can give you an answer to why something works or not, and cross-functional collaboration can bring teams together to work more closely on a common goal.

Product Vision Board Template

To create successful products, Product Managers must have a clear vision for the solution they work on and create product roadmaps to ease future project management. Defining, visualizing, and validating a strategy can put you one step ahead of the competition and determine the next business objectives.

Product Vision Board Template on Whiteboards
Product Vision Board Template on Whiteboards

Run collaborative workshops with the entire team to discuss the strategic roadmap, starting with target consumers, their needs, and end key results. This simple process allows you to communicate a new product’s ideas and benefits without focusing on too many details yet. You can also center the discussion just on marketing strategy or product strategy, depending on the direction you want to follow.

Such an approach leaves room for creativity and drives greater motivation among team members. Developing a product roadmap (while also having new features in mind) can help create a spectacular value proposition for the months (or even years) ahead.

GO Product Roadmap Template

If you’re really into product management, like to set clear objectives, and coordinate goal-oriented product development process, this is a perfect solution for you. Product teams can use the GO Product Roadmap template to set their next key milestones based on research and set a direction for engineering teams.

GO Product Roadmap Template on Whiteboards
GO Product Roadmap Template on Whiteboards

When working on a new product, use the ready-made GO Product Roadmap template to see how your solution might grow over the upcoming weeks or months. Setting clear expectations and aligning all product teams can promote cross-functional collaboration and enhance the development process. Thanks to a clear template structure, the next feature or product launch might be a great success.

If you’d like to learn more, check out our recent articles on how to create a strategic and flexible product roadmap. It will help you apply customer feedback to your project’s next stage, plan another product launch, or improve the user flow throughout your application or solution.

We also strongly encourage you to read our another article on how to create product roadmaps in Confluence and how the Whiteboards for Confluence solution can assist you with that.

Competitor Analysis Template

Before jumping into creating another product roadmap, take a few hours and conduct a detailed competitive analysis first. Such an approach can help you understand your current position on the market and how ahead of (or far from) the competition your company is. The initial awareness of where you’re at might become an excellent foundation for the product development process.

Competitor Analysis Template on Whiteboards
Competitor Analysis Template on Whiteboards

After the competitive analysis is ready, meet with your engineering teams for a product management session and decide which projects you want to include on (or exclude from) your product roadmap. Discuss whether it’s worth following the market trends and creating a new product to keep up with the competitors or if you should rather improve aspects such as product design, user flow, or UX design.

Summing up

We’ve outlined a list of the top five templates for product management that you can use with your cross-functional teams. Using the templates described above can ensure that software development or product management processes will go as smoothly as possible and that all project stakeholders will stay on the same page. We also hope that our powerful tool,, will help you meet product requirements making your solutions stand out on the market.

If you’re interested in other templates and would like to use them for your product release, product roadmap, or product launch, take a look at our recent articles, where we focus on various free templates designed by Whiteboards. The templates might greatly help improve the customer experience, conduct a competitive analysis, streamline the user flow, map out processes with flowcharts, make better business decisions, or assess risks.

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