What’s New in Whiteboards.io: Features and Improvements From January to June 2023!

What’s New in Whiteboards.io: Features and Improvements From January to June 2023!

Joining and using Whiteboards.io just keeps getting easier! The first half of 2023, we focused on new signup and login flows (more than 120 user paths to cover!), and improvements to Whiteboards’ Jira toolset. You sent us ideas for enhancements, and we delivered. Here’s what’s new.

Jira improvements

  • You can now access editing options for Jira issue priority, summary, assignee, and status from the main card toolbar.
Whiteboards.io Jira toolbar
New Jira toolbar.
  • All edits made to Jira issues whether in Jira or Whiteboards — are now two-way synced with no delay because we’ve introduced webhooks into our solution.
Webhooks in Whiteboards
Webhooks in Whiteboards.
  • We redesigned the Jira authorization screen to improve your connection process.
New Jira connection screen.
New Jira connection screen.
  • Using the Jira side menu, you can now search and filter issues without writing a JQL query—search issues by type, status, or assignee. And an improved UI enables you to manage your Jira backlog more efficiently on the issues panel.
New Jira panel in Whiteboards
New Jira panel.
  • But don’t worry! If you’re super into JQL, we’ve kept the option to search with it inside the Jira panel.
JQL search in Jira panel in Whiteboards
JQL search in Jira panel.

GitHub improvements

  • In the GitHub side menu, you can now sort and filter GitHub items through their type (pull request/issue) or other criteria (your pull requests, open issues, etc.).
Filtering GitHub issues in Whiteboards
Filtering GitHub issues.
  • View labels, tags, statuses, repositories, and assignees in the new UI for GitHub cards
GitHub cards' new UI in Whiteboards
GitHub cards’ new UI.
  • You can update and edit the title of an issue/pull request directly on the board.
GitHub title edits on the board
GitHub title edits on the board.
  • Now you can convert every sticky note on the board into a GitHub issue in just two clicks!
Converting cards into GitHub issues in Whiteboards
Converting cards into GitHub issues.

Signup and login flows

  • The redesigned signup and login flows make the process intuitive and quick, requiring only a few necessary details. (And you’ll find new in-app onboarding too!)
New Whiteboards login/signup flow
New login/signup flow
  • You can now create an account or log in with a Microsoft account, a new SSO option in Whiteboards.io.
Microsoft as SSO
Microsoft as SSO.
  • Now you can verify your email with a code instead of clicking a link in an email.
Code verification
Code verification.

Collaboration & sharing

  • You now have the ability to switch between organizations or create and join new ones directly from the dashboard. Simply click your profile picture and select what you’d like to do.
Organization management on the dashboard
Organization management on the dashboard.

Help & Support

  • Easily access the Help Center and contact Support directly from the board. You can browse all our help articles without leaving Whiteboards.
Help options in Whiteboards.
Help options in Whiteboards.


Daily Scrum on a timeline—template.
Daily Scrum on a timeline—template.
  • We’ve changed the board creation flow, so now it automatically opens our template library when a new board opens. 
Whiteboards templates library.
The templates library.

What’s next?

Stay tuned for Jira toolset improvements, deeper integrations, new power apps inside Whiteboards, and data-driven boards. We’re redesigning our dashboard and improving board management with folders. Throughout these efforts, we’ll focus on the overall UX and a new test engine, so you’ll find working with Whiteboards more productive (and fun)!