What’s New in Whiteboards.io? Fixes and Improvements From May to October 2022!

Whats new May - October 2022

These past months kept us busy as we worked on bringing Whiteboards to a broader group of users. Going beyond the Atlassian ecosystem and making Whiteboards a standalone SaaS product was our main focus and a huge milestone. We’ve also worked on overall product experience across different features, so frames, comments, video calls, text, and others received attention and care to make them even better. Dive into the update to learn details about what’s new!

Pricing & billing

  • Becoming a standalone product and expanding beyond the Atlassian Marketplace was something we strived for. Now Whiteboards is officially a grownup and out in the world for everyone to use. Teams can decide how they want to work and choose between two plans (Free and Pro) to enjoy a wide range of features outside a specific ecosystem. Check out our press release for details.
Pricing screen

Board improvements

  • Added the possibility to lock lines so they don’t get moved by mistake.
Interface with the lock icon.
  • The mini-map always shows the viewport position, so it’s easier to navigate the board.
Mini map update
  • Moving a frame moves the content inside it. We’ve also renamed the feature from “Navigation views” to “Frames” to make it coherent between different solutions.
Frames update
  • Added a new, dotted background. Some people prefer lines, some like dots, and sometimes they don’t want a background grid at all. Choose whatever suits your mode of working. Set it once and it will apply to all the boards you open.
Background update

Sharing and collaboration

  • Joining a video call that’s in progress is now easier, thanks to our UX improvements.
Video call options
  • When adding a video stream, you can select to show the previous speaker to keep track of the conversation flow.
Insert video stream options.
  • Made it easier to share your board and control access permissions along with UX improvements. Sending a sharing link to the board automatically accepts people joining from it unless you choose not to. You can also invite organization members by name and change access permissions after someone’s on the board.
Share menu options.


  • Hovering over a comment on the board shows its preview
Comment preview on the board.
  • Pressing Shift + Enter when writing a comment starts a new line.
  • Added the possibility to mark all comments as read
Marking all comments as read in the interface.

Other improvements

  • You can now deactivate a user in the user list. This allows temporarily blocking someone’s access to the organization and you can always bring them back without the need to reinvite them.
Deactivating a user in the interface.
  • Public boards are now team boards. We’ve changed the name to avoid confusion—boards from your organization are never public to everyone on the internet. Learn more on board sharing
Team boards option when creating a board.
  • Use CTRL/CMD + C and CTRL/CMD + V  to copy and paste content between boards.
Copy paste shortcuts.


Template preview.

What’s next? 

We’re focusing on introducing a trial of the Pro plan, improving our video calls, and working on a new text engine to make text editing smoother! Check out the blog to keep track of the changes!