What’s New in Whiteboards.io? Fixes and Improvements From November and December 2022!

As the last two months of 2022 came, we focused on delivering our milestones which included having 100 ready-made templates in our library, releasing the option to test Pro features with a free trial, and improving our UX. Check out the details below!


100 templates in whiteboards.io

Pricing & billing

  • Test our Pro features for 30 days for free to experience everything we have to offer. No limits on video calls, access to advanced Jira integration tools, custom templates, and more—try it with your team.
Pro trial features

Board improvements

  • Locking/unlocking elements is more intuitive. We’ve added a couple of improvements and changed the icons for locking elements, so it’s understood at a glance if the element is locked or not.
Locked elements on the board

Collaboration & sharing

  • Video call controls stay in place when people join or leave the call. We’ve improved the UX and visuals of video call settings and icons. Now they keep the same location in the interface when attendees change.
Video calls on the board

What’s next?

The beginning of 2023 will bring massive updates to our GitHub integration, changes in the template library, and board-sharing improvements. Stay tuned for more details!