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For small teams getting started with agile visual collaboration.


Free forever

  • Unlimited Users & Guests
  • 5 editable boards
  • Jira & Confluence integration


Thousands of users benefit from pro features already

Thousands of users benefit from pro features already


Unlimited boards and pro features for growing teams.

Unlimited boards and pro features for growing teams.



Per user / month billed annually
Per user / month billed monthly
  • Unlimited Users & Guests
  • Unlimited boards
  • Pro Jira & Confluence features
  • and more...

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Editable boards
Cooperate with other teams to populate your board with drawings, designs, or plans. Edit and adjust any ready-to-use template or new boards. Share your boards with users and guests and add your own plug-ins.
2-way Jira integration
Integrate Jira with Whiteboards to upload work items directly to your board. See how the changes in a Jira are automatically mirrored on Whiteboards and vice versa. Easily convert sticky notes into Jira issues and perform bulks actions.
Video calls
Hop on a quick call with your team directly on a whiteboard. Enable your camera stream next to your cursor or in the avatar to let everyone see your face. Available only on the stand-alone version, Calls for free accounts are limited to 50 minutes.
50 min limit for call
Invite third-party users to your whiteboard by emailing or sharing a link with them. Let them view and edit the board they received access to.
Add comments near any item on the whiteboard. Mention your folks, reply to their feedback, and mark them as resolved. Enable notifications if needed.
Create frames on your board to make easy presentation slides. Navigate between the frames to show them to your audience. Share a specific frame with others by sending them its link. Embed your frames anywhere on the web.
Create mind maps, flowcharts, or diagrams representing your train of thought. Place ideas on sticky notes, connect them with lines, and mark dependencies. A perfect option to present complex concepts, systems, and flows.
Templates Library
Choose between dozens of ready-to-use templates to work in a specific framework. Edit, modify, and update any of the available templates. Create new ones from scratch and save them as your custom templates.
Vote on sticky notes, media files, or other work items your team should focus on first. Set up the duration time and the number of votes everyone can cast. See which elements get the most votes and start your work from there.
Work in blocks of time with your team on your project. Set a timer for one of the suggested options and check the results of everyone's work after the time is up.
Paste URL addresses or iframe codes directly on a board to display multimedia for your audience. Set content width and height accordingly to your needs.
Go through the list of the most popular shortcuts to facilitate your workflow. Choose between general shortcuts that help you navigate the whiteboard or move your objects on the board. Switch between tools with a few clicks of your keyboard.
Moderator tools
Become a session moderator and ask your audience to follow you by clicking your avatar. Your participants will see exactly what you see.
Private boards
Make your boards private before inviting other users to them. Work independently and at your own pace before making your projects visible and accessible to others.
Custom templates
Create custom boards to speed up your work. Save them as templates and use them whenever necessary.
Integrate your Whiteboards with third-party tools to speed up your processes and reduce the number of open browser tabs. Connect with Jira, Confluence, Github, or Loom.
Jira & Confluence, Github, Loom
Jira & Confluence, Github, Loom
Divide your work into folders for better navigation and a more convenient way of looking for certain projects.
Coming soon

Jira & Confluence Features

All Jira issue types
Upload all of your Jira tasks, subtasks, bugs, stories, or epics to your board and continue your work there. Change their status from To Do to Done, edit numerous fields, and assign them to your coworkers from one place.
Issues from multiple Jira sites on a single board
Let numerous team members see what other teammates are currently working on by uploading various Jira tasks, subtasks, bugs, stories, or epics onto the same whiteboard.
Convert sticky notes into Jira issues
Take notes on virtual stickies during your meetings and convert them into Jira issues with two clicks. Select a project, choose between five available issues types (task, subtask, epic, story, and bug), and see how your work automatically updates on your Jira instance.
Paste Jira issue from URL
Copy any Jira issue link from your projects and paste it anywhere on your whiteboard. Move it around your board, change its fields or statuses, and update it as you progressively work on it.
Edit popular Jira fields
Click on any Jira issue to change its status from To Do to Done. Update other popular fields like summary, description, assignee, or any other component without having to open your Jira instance.
Jira backlog on a board
Use the Import Zones tool to upload Jira backlog items directly to your whiteboard. With your team, decide which issues you'd like to focus on in the upcoming sprint. Drag and drop your backlog issues to an Update Zone to start working on them.
Embed a board on a Confluence page
Include the most insightful areas of your whiteboard on your Confluence page to help the readers visualize the flows, ideas, or work status. Edit your page by embedding a board between your text paragraphs.
Log in with Atlassian (SSO)
Authenticate securely with multiple applications or websites using only one set of credentials. Log in to your Whiteboards account using the Single Sign-On (SSO) solution without logging in again.
Issue table
Add a table on your whiteboard with specific settings for the horizontal and vertical axis. Choose between the default Live Mode, during which everything updates instantly, or Playground Mode, during which you discuss the changes with your team without pushing any changes to your Jira instance yet.
Coming soon
Import & Update zone
Upload any Jira item on your board using the Import Zone and a JQL filter. Use the Update Zone to drop there issues you've worked on and update them automatically in Jira.
Jira issues dependencies
Click on a selected Jira issue to reveal its dependencies on other tasks. See if other tasks block them and if they are a child or parent issue. Add lines to display the connections between the tasks.
Bulk Jira issues actions
Mark many Jira issues at once to perform actions in bulk like importing, aligning, grouping, or editing the details. Do it with just a few clicks for an unlimited number of issues.
Pro Jira templates
Choose between pro templates such as PI Planning available for product managers, product owners, or scrum masters. Conduct your retrospective events or estimating sessions using powerful and ready-to-use tools.


Manual Board Backup
Create backup copies of your boards to use them within a different organization. Save them as JSON files and quickly restore them on another board. Store your whiteboard as documentation by exporting it to a PDF file.
Roles and permissions
Guest management
Coming soon
Data residency selection
Tailored for teams and organizations that must comply with strict data residency regulations. We store all data (everything the users create on a whiteboard) in our database on Google Cloud with secure servers located in North America (Iowa), Europe (Belgium), and Asia (Singapore). You choose where your data will be stored.
Live onboarding & team training
Schedule a live demo session with our specialist. During the short presentation, you will get an overview of the most popular whiteboarding features and will be trained to start using the tool for your own projects.

Are you interested in a custom plan?

Get in touch to discuss custom requirements regarding security, user provisioning, data migration, billing, or support.

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Apps on the Atlassian Marketplace

Besides standalone SaaS solution, we also offer dedicated apps for Jira & Confluence on the Atlassian Marketplace.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between and Whiteboards apps available on the Atlassian Marketplace? is a web app that allows anyone (whether a Jira user or not) to smoothly collaborate in various agile andproduct ceremonies. enables you to take advantage of options like audio and video chat, guest access, or feature-rich Jira integration. Your coworkers don’t need to have an active Jira/Confluence license to join your account; however, integrating these instances is possible. It’s worth noting here that respects Jira credentials and Jira content is visible and editable only to Jira users. If you invite to your board a user who doesn’t have access to that Jira project, they will still be able to use the board, but won’t see any Jira issue details.

Whiteboards for Jira (WBJ) and Whiteboards for Confluence (WBC)

Whiteboards for Jira and Whiteboards for Confluence are specific Jira and Confluence marketplace apps that require active Jira or Confluence licenses to be able to use them.

You can collaborate without leaving Jira. It’s a perfect solution for companies that require complex vetting processes to approve their apps. In this case, your onboarding and employee seat provisioning is a no-brainer. Just get your admin to approve the app and your organization and all member accounts are set up in no time.

Please bear in mind that the subscription rules for WBJ and WBC apps are very specific for Atlassian Marketplace. For instance, if you decide to purchase one, it has to correspond with your Jira/Confluence license. Suppose your Jira license allows 500 people to work on projects within your organization. In that case, the Whiteboards app also must be purchased for 500 people (or more).

If you’re not a Jira/Confluence admin, we encourage you to start using (standalone version) to try it on your own. Once properly evaluated and needed inside your Atlassian suite, you can ask your admin to approve it.

I already have an active Whiteboards for Jira (WBJ) or Whiteboards for Confluence (WBC) license. Do I need to pay for the Pro plan?

Not at all. If you’re using a Cloud version, just log in to with your Atlassian Sign-in (Atlassian SSO) and you will have access to all Pro features. For Data center/Server instances, follow this process to connect licenses. Please note, that currently projects and WBJ & WBC projects in Cloud instances don’t share the same database. When you log in with your Atlassian SSO, you won’t have access to your boards created in WBJ & WBC for Cloud, but you can manually export them from there and import them here. We apologize for this temporary inconvenience and are working on making your existing WBJ & WBC content available on as well.

Does everyone in my team need a Whiteboard account to collaborate on a board?

Your coworkers don’t need to create separate accounts to work with you on a virtual board. Only one of your team members can create a general team account, and then everyone else will be able to join your organization as a user, depending on how many seats are bought by the account administrator.

There are two types of users:

  • User account – a person with all permissions to create boards and content, view, comment, edit, delete, share boards, and invite guests.

  • Owner (organization administrator)- has the same permissions as a user, plus they can manage billing, access settings of the organization, add users to the organization, define identity providers, turn on features and plugins, and delete the organization.

Please note that WBJ (Whiteboards for Jira) and WBC (Whiteboards for Confluence) use the Atlassian permission scheme so that only your Jira or Confluence users will be able to access your boards. It’s different on where you can invite external guests, clients, or contractors to collaborate with you without opening new accounts.

On our free plan, all users added to the account are owners by default. User management and changing roles are exclusive features available only on the Pro plan.

How can I check whether my organization already has a plan with Whiteboards?

When providing your work email address, our system will recognize the organization you’re working for in our database based on your email domain name and give you access to it.

What technology does the app use, and where is my data stored?

For the stand-alone version of, according to our Data Residency Policy, we store all data in our database. It includes the data that our users create on their board, for instance, all the sticky notes, texts, files, and more as well as items related to integrations with external systems or anonymized analytics.

We use the Google Cloud Platform to store our users’ data in the cloud, and our servers are located in North America (Iowa), Europe (Belgium), and Asia (Singapore). Data is stored according to the location of the organization the user is a part of (you can check it in the Administration → Settings → Data Residency section). If you are a Whiteboards user located in the United States, accessing an organization with data residency in the US, all your board data be stored there. Such activities allow us to provide better product performance and will significantly enhance the use of the product by our customers.

Our engineering teams are located in US and EU.

How does pricing work?

You can choose between monthly and yearly subscriptions and define the number of user seats you want to have in your organization. We use recurring payments, so after the given billing period expires, you are charged for the next one unless you cancel your plan before that. Each billing period, you will be charged for the chosen seat number, the minimum being one user. If you’ve decided to buy 5 seats and only added 3 users so far, your invoice will be issued for those 5 seats, including 2 that are empty now. You can use these empty seats anytime! Changing the number of seats on your plan is immediate.  On the Pro plan, you will be charged a prorated amount for adding a new seat.

You can always test the Pro features for 30 days before deciding if it’s right for you! Enable it from this page by clicking Start 30-day free trial or from the Administration panel and see how you like it! Learn how the Pro plan free trial works.

What is included in the Free plan? Is it fully functional?

We want to bring value to our users on all plans, including the free one. This is why with the Free plan we offer you up to 5 interactive boards, unlimited users, 50 min video calls with your team, and access to our most important features, including Jira integration. All of these ensure successful collaboration when ideating, planning, and delivering your work!

If it’s not enough, go ahead and check out the Pro plan for free for 30 days! No credit card required and your organization will go back to the Free plan if not upgraded. Learn how the Pro plan free trial works.

Can I try some of the Pro features before making a financial commitment?

Yes, you can test everything Whiteboards has to offer for 30 days for free! No credit card required, just enable the Pro plan free trial from this page by clicking Start 30-day free trial or from the Administration>>Plan panel and enjoy all the features.

Doing so will unlock unlimited boards and video calls, assigning user roles, all Jira integration features, and creating custom templates and private boards.

During those 30 days, you can provide your billing information to stay on the Pro plan when the trial is over. If you don’t—your organization will automatically go back to the Free plan. If you create over 5 boards during the trial, only the 5 most recently edited will stay editable; the rest will be locked from using and viewing. If you want to turn on the trial period again after it expired, contact our Support and we’ll see what we can do! Learn more about the Pro plan free trial.

What forms of payments are accepted?

We accept all major credit and debit card issuers to make it easy for you to purchase our tool and start using it when you’re ready to upgrade. You can use Visa, Mastercard, and American Express (all countries except Brazil, Malaysia, and the United Arab Emirates). Invoice payments are not possible at the moment. For information on payment options for Whiteboards for Confluence and Whiteboards for Jira, please visit Atlassian Marketplace.

Is there any academic or NGO discount?

Yes! We want to support students in their career and learning paths as well as people working in non-profit organizations that bring good to the world. Reach out to us at and provide proof of your student status (like a photo of your student ID) or a non-profit status certificate (for example, 501(c)(3) confirmation in the US). We’ll get back to you with all the details as we assign the discount on a case-by-case basis.

How to upgrade or downgrade the subscription?

If you decide to upgrade the subscription, the change is immediate and your card will be charged for the cost of the upgrade. When you choose to downgrade, your current plan will be active till the end of the paid period and then change to the chosen plan. Subscription upgrade or downgrade affects all users on the team, so when you switch to the Pro plan, all of them will be on it, but if you go back to the free plan, your whole organization will be limited to free features only. You can perform both of these actions by going to the Administration panel and in the Billing section, clicking on Plan. To upgrade click on Upgrade and choose your subscription details. To downgrade to a free plan or choose a different number of user seats, click on the ellipsis on the right side of the screen.

How does changing the number of users in my organization work?

Whenever you decide you need more user seats in your organization, you can add or remove them as you wish. When you add seats, the change is effective immediately and your card will be charged with the cost of additional seats.

When removing seats, first make sure to delete users that go over how many seats you want to have. Once they are removed and the seats are free, you can change to a lower seat number in your plan. Lowering the number of seats happens immediately. To change your seat number, go to the Administration panel and in the Billing section, click on Plan. Click on the ellipsis on the right side of the screen and select Change seat number.

Can I download the content of all my boards?

Yes, of course! All boards that you create within Whiteboards can be easily downloaded onto your device if you prefer to store data that way. You may choose between various downloading options to keep your data on your computer or laptop.

Consider exporting your content to a PDF file to easily share with your coworkers, stakeholders, or customers. It might be an excellent solution for users who don’t want other people to edit their projects but want them to know about the progress of their work. Exported files can also be added to your documentation or printed out if needed.

You can also create a backup of your boards as JSON files and keep them safely on your computer. Download a backup copy of your projects from Whiteboards for Jira (WBJ) or Whiteboards for Confluence (WBC) as JSON files. To start working on downloaded files again, get back to any blank canvas, and restore the file there. Please note that you can also transfer the files between; Whiteboards for Jira and;

How can I cancel my account? What is the refund policy?

If you decide you no longer want to be subscribed to the paid plan, you can cancel your subscription at any time. Your account will be active till the end of the billing period. To cancel, go to the; Administration panel and in the Billing section, click on Plan. Then click on the ellipsis on the right side of the screen and select Cancel subscription.

We don’t issue refunds for the unused subscription period, but if you have billing questions, we’ll be happy to help at

Please note that canceling a subscription is different from deleting your organization. If you choose to delete the organization, your access to the tool will be removed immediately and all content will be gone irreversibly.

What happens with my content if I decide to delete my Whiteboards account?

We’re sorry to see you go! Unfortunately, all your data available within your Whiteboards account will also be deleted along with this step. This action is irreversible, and you will no longer be able to access your previous work.

Before deleting your account, we encourage you to create backup copies of your work as JSON files or export them to PDFs. That way, you will be able to access your work from a personal device or restore it on Whiteboards if you decide to open up a new account with us again.

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