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100 Ice Breaker Questions Template

Get to know your team better by asking everyone different questions about life, experiences, hobbies, or memories.

100 Ice Breaker Questions Template

What is the 100 Ice Breaker Questions template?

Play a game with your teammates where each and every one of you will have a chance to pick a random question and give an honest answer. Gather with your team on a virtual whiteboard and take turns in revealing questions hidden behind one hundred sticky notes. Discover what’s behind them and tell your story.

 Treat the event as a warm-up exercise, icebreaker session, or simple get-to-know-me activity. Discover fascinating stories from your coworkers that, in other circumstances, you might never have heard. Build a strong team together by learning more about each other as people, getting the feeling of being noticed, and creating a more powerful team bond.


What are the benefits of the 100 Ice Breaker Questions template?

Thanks to the 100 Ice Breaker Questions template, you can:

  • Get to know your team members from a more personal side if they decide to give open and honest answers to questions.
  • Build a stronger team by learning more about each other and increasing a sense of trust.
  • Warm up the entire team with an icebreaker session before getting back to serious work.
  • Focus more on relationships between you and your coworkers.
  • Grow the feeling of mutual respect, being seen, and feeling safe in a team.


How to use the 100 Ice Breaker Questions template in a few steps?

  1. Invite your teammates to your whiteboard by sending them a board URL or email invitation.
  2. Hop on a video call with your team to see and hear each other during the icebreaker session.
  3. Choose your spot (quadrant) in a circle and insert your name there. Add also your avatar from a rich avatar gallery available directly on the template.
  4. Pick the first person who should answer the question and ask them to choose one number from 1 to 100. Read the question out loud, paste the sticky note to their quadrant, and let them provide an answer. After they’re ready with their story, let them ask the next person to pick the number and give their response.
  5. Finish the game whenever necessary.


**The questions have been originally prepared by Clyde D’Souza. The avatars have been originally created by Iryna Korshak from Netguru.

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