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Avatar Creator Template

Generate avatars of you and your coworkers to break the ice during a meeting or assign tasks to their owners.

Avatar Creator Template

What is the Avatar Creator template?

Give your virtual board a playful touch. Turn your distinctive features like hair, clothes, and accessories into a cartoonlike, digitalized image. Prepare avatars of each person on your team or build them together during an icebreaking session.


Use the avatars as assignee indicators of work items your team members are responsible for. Place the avatars next to sticky notes, text blocks, or other elements on the board to know who to talk to when working on a project. Provide safe conditions for more introverted teammates who hide behind the avatars when they speak up during the meetings.


What are the benefits of the Avatar Creator template?

Thanks to the Avatar Creator template, you can:

  • Give a more personal and cartoony look to your boards and projects.
  • Place people’s avatars next to sticky notes or other elements on the board to know who’s responsible for what.
  • Treat the avatars as assignees by placing them next to action points.
  • Warm up with your team before workshops or meetings by creating digital versions of yourself.
  • Use the avatars as digital “shields” for people to hide behind them, giving them a safer environment to communicate and speak up without being physically in view.


How to use the Avatar Creator template in a few steps?

  1. Open the ready-made template on a new whiteboard or insert it into an already existing one. You can also skip this step and go to getavataaars.com directly.
  2. Visit the website, provide all necessary details, and generate your avatar.
  3. Download the PNG version of your avatar and upload it onto your whiteboard. You can also paste your avatar on any other board.
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