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Brainstorming With A Random Word Template

Host a spontaneous brainstorming session leading to Eureka moments using the most random words.

Brainstorming With A Random Word Template

What is the Brainstorming With A Random Word template?

Conduct a simple but powerful and effective ideation technique using random words. Generate fresh ideas and creative solutions to your company’s problems by brainstorming your challenges and boundaries. Step beyond the traditional thinking process and address your issues from a different direction to reach the Aha! moment.


Define the topic you want to discuss and choose arbitrary words to work with. Brainstorm all the associations individually and then let everyone share their train of thought. See how they all might connect and select the best ones to start developing your ideas.


What are the benefits of the Brainstorming With A Random Word template?

Thanks to the Brainstorming With A Random Word template, you can:

  • Let your imagination run free and see how random words affect the creative thinking process.
  • Empower your teammates to think beyond their comfort zone and force themselves to devise great solutions formed by a simple word.
  • Tap into another level of creativity unrestricted by rules or structures.
  • Try to solve your company’s problems by approaching them from a different direction than usual.
  • Stimulate parts of the brain that ordinarily lie dormant.


How to use the Brainstorming With A Random Word template in a few steps?

  1. Define the topic on a sticky note to start the random thinking process with your team.
  2. Pick a random card from the next step and ungroup the elements to reveal which random word the participants will work with.
  3. Give your team members five minutes to write down associations on sticky notes, and then take ten minutes to let everyone share their ideas.
  4. Repeat the previous step twice, changing the random word each time. Ask participants to write their ideas on sticky notes and discuss them.
  5. Pick the best ideas from a 45-minute brainstorming session and copy them into a separate frame.
  6. Start working on developing new ideas once the ideation phase is over by turning the sticky notes into Jira items.


**This template has been inspired by the Gamestorming: A Playbook for Innovators, Rulebreakers, and Changemakers book.

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