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Brainwriting Template

Ensure all team members get to express their thoughts about each topic by writing them down on a brainwriting template.

Brainwriting Template

What is the Brainwriting template?

Make every team member’s voice heard by conducting an ideation session with the help of the Brainwriting template. Assign columns and sticky notes to all event participants, and start writing down your main ideas in the first row. Take rounds to take a look at all the proposals and add your comments and feedback on the appropriate color-coded stickies.


Instead of sharing your ideas out loud, brainwriting gives your team the possibility to write them down in silence. Analyze all the cards during an open discussion and choose a rich selection of suggestions you could concentrate on next. Ensure that not only the most confident voices will be heard but focus on “hidden gems” the more introverted colleagues could suggest.


What are the benefits of the Brainwriting template?

Thanks to the Brainwriting template, you can:

  • Generate new ideas and concepts and facilitate healthy discussions on how to solve problems creatively.
  • Swap between the brainwriting sticky notes, respond to everyone’s ideas, or add new proposals.
  • Overcome the limitations like shyness, introversion, or reluctance to speak of particular team members by giving them the possibility to just write down their opinions, not forcing them to speak publicly.
  • Encourage your teammates to formulate their thoughts better and develop further action points from ideas proposed by others.
  • Control the event’s flow by minimizing some participants’ social anxiety levels and not letting stronger personalities compete.


How to use the Brainwriting template in a few steps?

  1. Send an email invitation or share a link to the brainwriting session to gather with your entire team on a virtual whiteboard.
  2. Insert the Brainwriting template on the board and define the session’s main topic.
  3. Type in your participants’ names on the already prepared sticky notes so each person will have a dedicated color to write comments on and a dedicated column to have their idea brainstormed by others.
  4. Set the five-minute timer and ask participants to individually write down one idea on the sticky note below their name.
  5. Set the timer again after everyone notes their main idea, and then write comments on the sticky notes with your designated color.
  6. Continue the process in rounds and discuss the result of the ideation session at the end.


**This template has been inspired by MindTools.

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