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Customer Persona Template

Define who your ideal customer is to develop a better product with a user-centric approach.

Customer Persona Template

What is the Customer Persona template?

Understand better who your customers are and what you can do to help them resolve their struggles and problems. Create fictional characters based on people who go through your sales funnel and use your product or service to gain a more profound knowledge of their needs. Focus on the user-centric approach throughout the exercise when working on new products, marketing activities, or business strategies.


Treat customer personas as a profile of your ideal client. As a result, any of your efforts or campaigns are likely to be more effective. Map out your personas’:

  • Demographics — their first and last name, age, occupation, location, etc.
  • Bio — a short description of their life, professional achievements, and a quote corresponding to their nature.
  • Character traits — a list of adjectives describing best who they are.
  • Pain points — specific problems they face and experience on a daily basis or when using a product or service.
  • Needs — requirements they want to see in a product to make their work (or life) easier.
  • And goals — objectives they would like to reach.


What are the benefits of the Customer Persona template?

Thanks to the Customer Persona template, you can:

  • Understand better your customers’ behavior and why they act in certain ways.
  • Promote your product or service more effectively to specific target groups.
  • Offer your customers a unique and tailored experience from your brand.
  • Tailor the marketing and promotional efforts according to the data you’ve discovered.
  • See when your customers enter the sales funnel and how they move from one stage to another in their journey.


How to use the Customer Persona template in a few steps?

  1. Open the template on a brand-new whiteboard or insert it into an existing one.
  2. Provide the first and last name of your persona and write down such details as their age, occupation, location, and more.
  3. Add your persona’s short bio and a quotation that describes them best in the next frame. Describe who they are, what they studied, or where they worked.
  4. Define your persona’s personal characteristics, pain points, needs, and goals in the remaining frames.
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