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Daily Scrum Meeting On A Table Template

Run daily scrum meetings on a handy digital table, discuss the tasks’ progress, and make sure you’ll meet the Sprint goal.

Daily Scrum Meeting On A Table Template

What is the Daily Scrum Meeting On A Table template?

Meet with your team on a digital board for a short 15-minute daily scrum meeting. Go through items that are on their radar for the day and offer assistance if they need it. Take turns talking about tasks you need to do today, discussing work items already in progress or in review, and letting everybody know what you accomplished. 


Organize the daily scrum meeting every day at the same time to keep the workflow and set the tone for the day. Offer help if you notice that some team members face challenges when working on their designated tasks. Track completed work items to see if they’re progressing the team toward meeting the Sprint goal.


What are the benefits of the Daily Scrum Meeting On A Table template?

Thanks to the Daily Scrum Meeting On A Table template, you can:

  • Get to the essence of the meeting in a quick and efficient way and go through the relevant topics only.
  • Stay on the same page with others when a few projects are on your team’s radar.
  • Avoid scheduling additional meetings in people’s calendars as everything crucial will be discussed during the daily scrum.
  • Ensure everyone on the team is aligned with the company, team, and sprint goals.
  • Improve communication skills by sharing only necessary details and avoiding going off-topic.


How to use the Daily Scrum Meeting On A Table template in a few steps?

  1. Open the Daily Scrum Meeting On A Table template on a new board or add it to an already existing one.
  2. Invite your team to the board by sharing the board URL or sending an email invitation.
  3. Join the audio and video chat with your teammates to see their faces and talk to each other. Add camera stream cards to the designated places on the table.
  4. Energize the team with a short physical exercise (if possible) or conduct a quick ice breaker session before starting the daily scrum.
  5. Add Jira issues to your whiteboard by dragging and dropping them from the right sidebar to the ready-made Sprint Backlog column. You can alternatively use the Import Zone to populate your board with Jira tasks. Bear in mind that each user needs to authorize Whiteboards access to view Jira issues on the board.
  6. Move to the Daily Table section and write down your Sprint Goal.
  7. Start adding Jira issues to the appropriate swimlanes on the table: To DoIn ProgressIn Review, or Done. One column is allocated to one team member. 
  8. Take turns in answering four questions: What do I have to do today? What is in progress? What is in review? What is done?.
  9. Mark on the table which team member is away by adding ready-made labels: On a holidayOut of office, or At an interview. Create your own if needed. You can also use GIFs and place them underneath the appropriate column.
  10. Use the Annual Calendar template to add the month you need and mark important dates for the team.
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