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Daily Standup Meeting Template

Run your daily team check-ins and easily track progress on tasks, dependencies, and blockers.

Daily Standup Meeting Template

What is the Daily Standup Meeting template?

Standup meetings are fundamental parts of agile development that serve as a team’s huddle. They’re also commonly known as the daily scrum, during which everyone becomes aware of the team’s progress and challenges. As a consequence of standups, team folks are aligned with tasks their colleagues are working on and if they can help them in any way.


The daily standup meetings usually involve the entire team with particular emphasis on the product owner or scrum master. Such a session is unique to each department at a company. Team members mainly discuss three essential matters during the daily scrum — the current progress on what they worked on yesterday, their goals for today, and any roadblocks stopping them from doing their work.


Such questions highlight the progress and also help to spot the obstacles. The meetings strengthen the team morale when everyone sees how much they contribute to the team. Daily discussion of individuals’ successes and plans keeps everyone excited about the team’s overall contribution, engagement, and performance.


What are the benefits of the Daily Standup Meeting template?

During daily standups, you can:

  • Encourage positive team building and improve communication by enabling audio and video chat on your board. (Available only on whiteboards.io.)
  • Meet with your remote or hybrid team at any given time so everyone can get context for the day.
  • Keep the meetings efficient, meaningful, and short by timing the session with a handy timer.
  • Align the team with the company’s business objectives and improve understanding of shared goals.
  • Resolve potential problems before they evolve into blockers thanks to dedicated columns.
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