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Eisenhower Matrix Template

Prioritize your tasks by placing them in appropriate columns according to their importance and urgency.

Eisenhower Matrix Template

What is the Eisenhower Matrix template?

Utilize the Eisenhower Matrix method to distinguish your work between important and not important, urgent and not urgent tasks. Identify the activities that you should focus on with your team, as well as the ones that you don’t need to pay attention to. Prioritize your tasks and time to deal with urgent issues and work towards longer-term goals.


Sort out the tasks according to their urgency and importance. Increase your effectiveness by doing the right things with your team. Ask yourself how important and urgent the task is and take appropriate steps in relation to your response. Choose between important and urgent, important but not urgent, urgent but not important, or not important and not urgent options.


What are the benefits of the Eisenhower Matrix template?

Thanks to the Eisenhower Matrix, you can:

  • Divide tasks into categories to decide which of them require immediate attention or which can be not done at all.
  • Visualize the order of the tasks and provide a clear structure for their completion.
  • Help your teammates get the most out of their day and complete their daily tasks in a timely manner.
  • Focus on the long-term outcomes of your daily tasks and keep all important parts of your work on one infinite canvas.
  • Always keep an eye on strategically important and urgent tasks.


How to use the Eisenhower Matrix template in a few steps?

  1. Open the Eisenhower Matrix template on a new board or add it to an already existing one.
  2. Invite your team to the board by sending an email invitation or sharing the board URL.
  3. Join the audio and video chat with your teammates to see their faces and talk to each other. Add camera stream cards to the board or to your cursor in the settings.
  4. Explain the purpose of the meeting and encourage everyone to write down on sticky notes all tasks that come to their mind. Use the Timer feature to make sure this part of the exercise doesn’t last too long.
  5. Go through all the options your teammates have written out and drag and drop them into appropriate quadrants: Important and Urgent, Important but Not UrgentUrgent but Not Important, and Not Important and Not Urgent. Measure this part of the exercise as well with the Timer.
  6. Discuss all the options, conduct a voting session to highlight tasks that should be taken care of first, and convert them into Jira issues with two clicks.
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