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Emotions Wheel Template

Put words into emotions and talk honestly about mental health with your teammates using the Emotions Wheel template.

Emotions Wheel Template

What is the Emotions Wheel template?

Take a look at a specific time frame of your work, last sprint, or freshly-finished project using an emotions wheel template. Go through all positive and negative sections of the wheel and mark the ones that speak about you. Let your colleagues verbalize their feelings by choosing adjectives that describe their experiences best.


At the end of the first part of the exercise, invite your participants to an open discussion about the emotions they chose. Discuss with them what happened that made them feel their needs were met and what turned out to be a failure. Propose solutions and next steps that people can take to feel more comfortable next time you conduct this exercise.


What are the benefits of the Emotions Wheel template?

Thanks to the Emotions Wheel template, you can:

  • Contemplate how you’re feeling today and discuss your little successes or failures with the entire team.
  • Lead to better and healthier relationships with your coworkers by talking loudly about your positive or negative feelings.
  • Scan a specific time frame of your work and discover which adjective best describes your state.
  • Practice emotional competence by determining what needs should be met and how the behavior or environment should be adjusted to make you feel more comfortable.
  • Improve the decision-making processes and make your teammates feel more empowered and clear-minded after an honest conversation.


How to use the Emotions Wheel template in a few steps?

  1. Invite the participants to the emotions wheel exercise and explain the purpose of the session.
  2. Define the event’s main topic, let it be a retrospective or team-building session, and place it on a sticky note on the whiteboard.
  3. Start the exercise by identifying the emotion that speaks most to you. Let the participants do the same.
  4. Follow the colors on the wheel to find the adequate word that describes your current feeling.
  5. Use the same colored dots to mark more emotions if necessary.
  6. Once you find the word that describes you best today, deepen your thoughts by asking yourself why you feel that way and what you would need to do to feel less or more often like that. Put your answers on sticky notes in the appropriate quadrant.
  7. Finish the exercise with a group discussion using the audio and video chat.


**This template has been inspired by Human Systems. The emotion wheel visible on the template was originally created by Dr. Gloria Willcox.

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