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First Job Ice Breaker

Start your workshops at a slower pace by conducting a first job ice breaker exercise. Ask your teammates about their first workplace and lessons learned there.

First Job Ice Breaker

What is the First Job Ice Breaker template?

Conduct an ice breaker game designed to welcome and warm up your teammates before getting into serious work. Start the conversation in a meeting, training class, or workshop by asking the participants simple questions. Break down the barriers that might exist in your workplace by asking people for their names, first jobs, and anything they learned from there. 

Help people get to know each other better by creating a space where everyone feels comfortable. Invite different team members to the ice breaker session to initiate conversation and laughter. Start sharing your first job experiences and any wisdom they remember to this day.

What are the benefits of the First Job Ice Breaker template?

Thanks to the First Job Ice Breaker template, you can:

  • Do a quick warm-up session with your team before jumping into an actual meeting or workshop.
  • Make your participants feel comfortable from the very beginning of the session by breaking the ice and doing a fun activity together.
  • Learn about your teammates’ employment history and share fun stories or experiences with them.
  • Facilitate a collaborative environment for teams that underwent dysfunction or hired new people.
  • Get people talking, provoke laughter, and ensure an initial level of comfort, particularly if they work in different teams.

How to use the First Job Ice Breaker template in a few steps?

  1. Invite your teammates to the ready-to-use ice breaker template or insert it on a different whiteboard where your workshops will occur.
  2. Ask participants to choose one of the available frames to fill out with sticky notes. If there are more people on the board than pre-made frames, add new ones by copying and pasting them. Have as many frames as participants. Change the color of sticky notes to differentiate team members and their answers.
  3. Fill out the sticky notes by writing your name, your first job, and the lesson learned from there. Upload GIFs or pictures if you prefer to express yourself that way.
  4. Discuss your sticky notes together before continuing your workshops. 

**This template has been originally created by AJ&SMART.

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