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Ice Breaker Template

Break the ice during your remote workshops with the help of three simple questions to get the event going.

Ice Breaker Template

What is the Ice Breaker template?

Get to know better people you work with and let them get to know you, too. Organize a team-building session during which you start a casual conversation, hop on a brainstorming session, or solve a boggling problem. Treat the ice breaker session as a great conversation starter to improve team cohesiveness, enhance team collaboration, and encourage people to talk with each other more openly.


Pick an ice breaker session for the virtual gathering and play the game with your team. Set up a 15-minute introductory meeting, true or false session, or guess who game or any other that comes to your mind. Help your teams build more on their strengths, troubleshoot problems, and encourage positive team dynamics. 


What are the benefits of the Ice Breaker template?

Thanks to the Ice Breaker template, you can:

  • Get a training session, team-building meeting, or any other type of event off to a great start.
  • Warm up the group for further interaction by sharing images, GIFs, or memes and make sure everyone can contribute to the event.
  • Bring people together and help them work more cohesively towards a shared goal.
  • Design the ice breaker with clear objectives in mind and ensure that the session is appropriate and comfortable for everyone involved.
  • Explore the topics for further discussions, propose changes, and give the people a boost of energy.


How to use the Ice Breaker template in a few steps?

  1. Open the Ice Breaker template on a new board or add it to an already existing one.
  2. Invite your team to the board by sending them an email invitation or sharing the board URL.
  3. Join the audio and video chat on the board to see and talk with your team members. Decide together which ice breaker game you would like to play: The Kick-Off QuestionFun Fact, or Best of the Best.
  4. Read the instructions next to each ice breaker and write down the answers on sticky notes. Go through all of them once everyone is ready and then continue your meeting or workshop.
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