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Learning Matrix Retrospective Template

Collaborate with your team to find out what they liked and disliked about the last sprint and ask what they think should be altered for the future.

Learning Matrix Retrospective Template

What is the Learning Matrix Retrospective template?

Conduct an informative and fun retrospective session to spot how your team feels about the last sprint or project they worked on. Identify the team’s likes and dislikes of the processes they followed and see how they resonate with your colleagues. Create a positive environment where everybody also has a chance to give kudos to their coworkers.


Start an individual work by writing down any feedback followed by brief presentations from each of your teammates. Encourage participants to write down their reason for:

  • Thumbs up — Things that went well and made the work easier for individuals.
  • Thumbs down — Aspects that didn’t go so well and made the work unpleasurable and even difficult.
  • Ideas — Any suggestions that arose during the last sprint or project.
  • Recognition — Positive words that praise team members for their excellent work and the influence that they might have on the team.


Finish off the exercise by writing down items your team thinks you should focus more on in the upcoming sprint. Discuss all of the ideas each person may have to get a better picture. Use the dot voting method to distinguish the best proposals and implement them as soon as possible.


What are the benefits of the Learning Matrix Retrospective template?

Thanks to the Learning Matrix Retrospective template, you can:

  • Run a slow-paced but relaxed retrospective session while also promoting a positive environment.
  • See whether your teammates enjoyed the last working ethic and the pace.
  • Summarize any sprint or project, even with a group that has never participated in a retrospective before.
  • Give recognition to the peers who do an outstanding job and should be praised for it.
  • Make necessary tweaks and adjustments to your processes and take ownership over them.


How to use the Learning Matrix Retrospective template in a few steps?

  1. Invite your teammates to the retrospective session or share a link to the board with them at the end of the current sprint. Use the video chat feature to see and hear your colleagues.
  2. Set the timer for up to 10 minutes and write as many issues, topics, or ideas on sticky notes as possible. Place them in appropriate quadrants — thumbs up, thumbs down, ideas, recognition.
  3. Encourage participants to present and briefly describe their sticky notes to understand their feedback better.
  4. Finish this part of the exercise with a discussion on findings your teammates discovered during the sprint.
  5. Wrap up the session by writing down suggestions that could improve your next sprint.
  6. Dot vote on the best proposals and discuss them with your team on how to implement them.
  7. Use the available stickers and emoji kit throughout the exercise to visually explain your appreciation.


**This templated has been inspired by the Agile Retrospectives: Making Good Teams Great book.

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