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Lotus Brainstorming Template

Investigate deeper your general ideas to explore more alternative paths with the Lotus Brainstorming template.

Lotus Brainstorming Template

What is the Lotus Brainstorming template?

Expand your way of thinking beyond the usual paths. Break down your general ideas into smaller concepts to later turns these concepts into actionable steps. Use the Lotus Brainstorming template, also known as Lotus Diagram or Lotus Blossom technique, to visualize and explore alternative solutions.

The method, similar to mind-mapping but more organized, will help you brainstorm areas of interest while also representing them on virtual lotus flowers. Focus your attention on one idea at a time to ensure you define all key concepts. Start with a central theme to move toward outward areas in an iterative manner.


What are the benefits of the Lotus Brainstorming template?

Thanks to the Lotus Brainstorming template, you can:

  • Break down general ideas into more specific and detailed areas of action.
  • Discover which smaller steps need to be taken first in order to accomplish a task.
  • Increase the creativity and originality of the discovered solutions.
  • Organize your scattered ideas on a very structured template in a few minutes.
  • Take action once you fill up as many boxes as possible with concepts, views, or visions.


How to use the Lotus Brainstorming template in a few steps?

  1. Insert the template on your whiteboard.
  2. Define the main idea, problem, or concept in the center lotus flower. Double-click to write it down.
  3. Fill in the eight petals (boxes) that surround the main idea with potential areas of investigation.
  4. Take the ideas from these eight petals and start placing them in the center boxes of the remaining smaller lotus flowers.
  5. Discover potential solutions or approaches to each area.
  6. Convert the best ideas into Jira items by clicking the appropriate button.


**The Lotus Brainstorming template has been inspired by Product Coalition.

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