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Magic Estimation Template

Estimate issues in your backlog and plan out your work quickly and effortlessly.

Magic Estimation Template

What is the Magic Estimation template?

Estimate a large number of work items gathered in the backlog with the help of story points in a relatively short time. Run efficient estimating sessions with your team and maintain the balance between the estimation process and accuracy. Get a clear overview of the complexity of the backlog entries and decide which need to be broken down into smaller tasks to be delivered in the upcoming sprint.


Run the sessions in silence to not distract the team members during the estimation process and leave their voting choices unbiased. Invite participants to discussions after all estimates have been assigned and ask them to explain their reasoning. Re-run the session to reach the final consensus for all issues in question.


What are the benefits of the Magic Estimation template?

Thanks to magic estimation, you can:

  • Estimate the entire backlog of issues or user stories, assigning story points in a reasonably short amount of time. Drag and drop issues in a chosen column with corresponding estimates (Fibonacci sequence, t-shirt sizes, times estimates, etc.).
  • Determine a rough estimate and dependencies between individual product backlog items.
  • Vote unbiasedly on work items by giving estimates in complete silence. Use the voting option and timer to fit within the timeframe.
  • Arrange stories horizontally or vertically on a virtual board dividing them into complex or simple issues.
  • Compare and group items with similar difficulty or effort.

**This template is only available on Whiteboards for Jira.