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Memory Game Template

Warm up with your team by revealing random cards, memorizing the icons beneath them, and finding their pairs.

Memory Game Template

What is the Memory Game template?

Gather with your team on a virtual whiteboard and conduct a fun memory game before jumping into serious work mode. Break the ice or warm up with your teammates by playing in turns and uncovering random cards. Try to remember where exactly particular icons are placed to find their pair.


Change turns each time a player flips two cards, but if the icons beneath them match, continue flipping over the sticky notes. Your round is up when you don’t manage to find the same two icons. The winner is the person with the most matching cards.


What are the benefits of the Memory Game template?

Thanks to the Memory Game template, you can:

  • Boost your critical thinking skills and nurture your attention to details.
  • Improve your attention, concentration, focus, and, most of all, visual recognition.
  • Work on your short- and long-term memory to enhance your cognitive skills. 
  • Learn the importance of thinking ahead and plotting your next choice.
  • Classify objects that are grouped by similar traits.


How to use the Memory Game template in a few steps?

  1. Join the virtual board with your team and hop on a call to see and hear your colleagues.
  2. Invite everyone to participate in a short warm-up session and proceed to the Memory Game template.
  3. Start the game by picking two random sticky notes and dragging and dropping them on the side. Check if the icons beneath them match. If they don’t, put sticky notes back to cover the icons. If they do, start your stack and continue your round.
  4. Take turns revealing a maximum of two cards at a time and trying to memorize what’s beneath them. If you find two similar icons, continue looking for more until you mismatch.
  5. Play the game until all cards are flipped and have their “owners”.
  6. The person with the most matching cards is the winner.


**The icons were originally created by Smashicons.

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