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Monthly Planner Template

Plan out your month, week by week and day by day with the monthly planner template.

Monthly Planner Template

What is the Monthly Planner template?

Get a virtual calendar view of your entire month with a handy, monthly planner template where you put all your projects and goals to accomplish during the current month. A big picture of up to 31 days will enable you to track your upcoming events, space out deadlines, and write down your team’s to-do list. Use the planner to visualize tasks for individuals or your entire team.


Break your month into weeks, days, and, if needed, separate times of the day — morning, afternoon, and evening. Keep the sticky notes simple by writing just one task on each of them and marking them in different colors. Make sure you have time to rest during your month, so you don’t feel overwhelmed and stressed.


What are the benefits of the Monthly Planner template?

Thanks to the Monthly Planner template, you can:

  • Get a high-level overview of your entire month with the most essential color-coded events standing out.
  • Plan your activities or campaigns well in advance.
  • Meet deadlines more effectively if your work affects the work of others.
  • Stay organized by experiencing less stress and having more time to act or do additional work whenever necessary. 
  • Schedule each task, event, or appointment so that you know what to expect and not run out of time.


How to use the Monthly Planner template in a few steps?

  1. Open the ready-to-use template or insert it into your already existing whiteboard.
  2. Adapt the table to your needs by changing the arrangement of the columns, adding and deleting swimlanes, or adjusting minor details like font size.
  3. Set the categories of the events beneath the table and differentiate them through various colors to better visualize the agenda.
  4. Add sticky notes with events’ names to each quadrant by clicking the plus icon. Adjust their size by dragging the edges.
  5. Use comments and mentions to add additional feedback or tag your teammates.
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