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Opportunity Solution Tree Template

Identify real needs and opportunities on a virtual chart rather than arbitrary solutions that may not be helpful for your customers. 

Opportunity Solution Tree Template

What is the Opportunity Solution Tree template?

Help your team improve how they approach and solve problems to achieve desired outcomes. Gather with your teammates on one virtual whiteboard and decide how you should discover what your customers need, want, and desire from your product. Back up your findings with deep data analysis, customer interviews, or feedback forums.

 Fill out your opportunity space with sticky notes where you write down customer stories and opinions. Divide them into thematic groups and place them on a virtual tree to digitally visualize the flow. Discover new, potential solutions and experiments to the opportunities that will meet your customers’ needs.


What are the benefits of the Opportunity Solution Tree template?

Thanks to the Opportunity Solution Tree template, you can:

  • Visualize opportunities you have, paths for the desired outcome, and decisions you make along the way on a digital tree.
  • Improve the way how you solve problems of your product, organization, or team.
  • Break down your desired outcome into smaller steps to meet users’ needs more effectively, efficiently, and accurately.
  • Prioritize which ideas are of better quality to focus on first if your team is able to come up with hundreds of them.
  • Assess if you and your team consider all potential solutions to reach your desired outcome.


How to use the Opportunity Solution Tree template in a few steps?

  1. Open the template or insert it on the already created whiteboard.
  2. Define the desired outcome of the event on a sticky note.
  3. Plan your discovery process. Ask yourself which customers’ needs, desires, wants, or pain points drive that desired outcome. Gather the data from customer interviews, analytics, etc.
  4. Map out the opportunity space by writing down customers’ answers on sticky notes.
  5. Group related opportunities together. Reframe similar comments to ensure they’re different from each other or delete them if they’re exactly the same.
  6. Transfer sticky notes onto an opportunity solution tree to better visualize the flow.
  7. Start discovering solutions and experiments to be able to later deliver on that opportunities. Ask yourself if the solution delivers on the opportunity in a way that drives your desired outcome.

**The Opportunity Solution Tree Template has been originally designed by Teresa Torres.

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