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Organization Chart Template

Create a hierarchical visual chart of all your employees and their roles within your organization.

Organization Chart Template

What is the Organization Chart template?

Map out your organization on a visual chart in a way that will help you clarify the structure of your company. Collect data of your employees while also being respectful of the data privacy policy. Include such information as names, roles, departments, and images on the already prepared frames.

Start structuring your organization by starting from the most important people like CEOs or CTOs at the top. Draw more branches from all your team leaders, managers, or directors until you’ve got everybody covered. Add lines, arrows, or connectors between different employees or teams to see the dependencies or possibilities of future collaboration. Treat the chart as a personnel directory system.


What are the benefits of the Organization Chart template?

Thanks to the Organization Chart template, you can:

  • Create a hierarchical guide of all your team leaders, managers, and other employees.
  • Structure the relationships between teams and your company to see clearly the organizational processes.
  • Clarify the roles of the employees and areas for which they are responsible.
  • Map out the reporting hierarchy in your organization by knowing who’s under whom.
  • Discover potential cross-functional roles and understand why they should collaborate more often with each other.


How to use the Organization Chart template in a few steps?

  1. Open the ready-to-use template or insert it on the already existing whiteboard.
  2. Contact HR managers to collect the necessary details for your chart and gather all the information about your organization, employees, and teams. Be respectful of GDPR rules.
  3. Start creating profiles of all people working in your company by putting their names, roles, departments, and pictures in appointed frames.
  4. Outline the structures between employees by drawing arrows or connectors between them and organizing them into teams.
  5. Add icons and short team descriptions in appropriate places.
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