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Personal Map Template

Learn more about your teammates or newcomers by filling out a personal map with experiences, hobbies, or favorites.

Personal Map Template

What is the Personal Map template?

Make it more fun to introduce or present yourself to a new team from a personal side. Invite team members to a virtual whiteboard where a fun game awaits them, during which they can share selected information about themselves. Let each participant spend a maximum of 15 minutes filling out sticky notes with the information they want to share with the rest of the team.

Ask your colleagues to share their experiences, interests, or values that they have written on their personal map. If something interesting comes up, ask additional questions to learn more about the people you work with on a daily basis. Encourage everyone to tell more about themselves using a ready-made template.


What are the benefits of the Personal Map template?

Thanks to the Personal Map template, you can:

  • Get to know your old teammates or newcomers from a different, more personal side.
  • Break the ice for newbies who may not know how to introduce themselves in front of their new team and need a hand.
  • Discover hidden talents of individual team members which you didn’t know about earlier.
  • Make your participants work in pairs to get to know their partner better if they haven’t had a chance, and then present to the entire group what they discovered about the other person.
  • Realize how little you know about specific people, so you can later organize a 1:1 meeting if you would like to get to know them better.


How to use the Personal Map template in a few steps?

  1. Define the categories on the wheel. To do it, double-click the text boxes and provide your own options. 
  2. Ask your participants to upload their pictures to the board and place it in the middle of the wheel they will fill out. To make sure everyone has their own separate map, copy it and paste it anywhere on the board.
  3. Set the timer for 15 minutes, during which everyone will fill out the information about themselves on sticky notes.
  4. Let everyone present their maps by joining a virtual video call directly on the whiteboard.
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