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Planning Poker

Plan your work with a gamified technique to estimate the efforts of project management tasks your team needs to focus on.

Planning Poker

Eliminate common roadblocks you face during the estimation process and stop bending your mind to predict the level of effort you need to finish a task. Implement a simplified poker game for your team meetings to gauge the number of story points for relevant tasks and break long-term projects into smaller, manageable assignments. Improve the accuracy of your predictions, basing them on your entire team’s input and consensus.

Select the estimation method that could work for your team, choosing between story points, time estimates, or t-shirt sizes. Distribute an identical deck of cards to everybody and start reading and discussing the stories. Allow participants to cast their votes accordingly to their experience and estimates. Keep in mind the final results may vary a lot.

Invite teammates to further discussions when the estimates differ too much and ask about the reasoning and logic behind their votes. After deliberation ends, try to estimate again. Repeat the process until your team reaches a consensus and agrees on a single number.

Thanks to planning poker, you can:

  • Estimate tasks relative to each other through the voting option and build a series of assignments that act as a reference for the upcoming sprint.
  • Lend an equal voice for every person on your team by allowing them to speak up by playing the game and explaining their logic.
  • Identify gaps in requirements and take appropriate steps to implement new solutions.
  • Allow equal contribution for all team members to feel more committed to the plan and have actual input on it.
  • Initiate audio and video to discuss your team’s votes, re-estimate, and reach a consensus.
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