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Plus Delta Template

Take a look at your work from a birds-eye view and run an effective agile retrospective session in a remote setup.

Plus Delta Template

Run a simple plus delta retro session with your team and gather feedback from your teammates in a quick and easy way. Follow all template steps to encourage the group to share their opinions by using the “improvement” language rather than focusing on the negatives. Assign pluses to things that went well, and you should continue doing or deltas to recommend what could be changed for future meetings.

Kick off the plus delta retro by welcoming the team and warming up your audience with engaging activities. Ask them what they liked in the previous sprint and if they would like to continue working that way. Gather all data and discuss all the pluses and deltas your team member put on the virtual board. Decide what to do next and ask about the usefulness of your retro session.

Thanks to the Plus Delta template, you can:

  • Provide an easy escape from the traditional retrospective routine and replace it with an enhanced session involving all team members.
  • Collect feedback and constructive criticism after the sprint, project, or event ends from all your teammates.
  • Analyze your work from the last sprint and collaboratively decide what went well and what needs improvement.
  • Look at your work from a different perspective and identify things that could improve your team’s performance.
  • Use the participants’ responses to evaluate the implementation of the knowledge and skills learned at a later time.
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