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Product Backlog Refinement Template

Keep your product backlog healthy by discussing upcoming tasks and fully understanding the work that needs to be done.

Product Backlog Refinement Template

Set clear expectations of what needs to get done with your stakeholders and other teams by running a refinement session. Review items piled up in your product backlog and prioritize the stories to be ready for delivery. Make sure to groom your backlog to remain tidy and estimate only relevant issues in detail.

Refine your work regularly to help your team meet the sprint goals. Invite your colleagues to estimate and discuss tasks for the upcoming sprint. Collaborate with them to find out if all stories are prioritized and have all data and info needed for planning.

Thanks to product backlog refinement, you can:

  • Keep the product backlog clean and tidy with update zones, so you will not feel like you’re drowning in the ever-growing to-do list.
  • Define story details and acceptance criteria properly and make a good plan for the upcoming sprint planning meeting.
  • Promote close work alignment and collaboration within your team through video chat or comments and make sure your employees have a shared understanding of the work to be done.
  • Expose a hidden complexity of tasks that might require more effort than initially thought and break them into smaller stories.
  • Reveal dependencies between stories and see how much impact they have on other tasks.
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