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Product Roadmap Template

Present how your product will evolve over time and align multiple teams on goals, releases, and milestones.

Product Roadmap Template

What is the Product Roadmap template?

Align your short-term efforts with long-term business goals using a shared source of truth outlining a product’s vision, priorities, direction, and progress over time. Build your Agile roadmap by following market trajectories, knowing customer value propositions, and setting strategic goals. Add sticky notes to the board and connect them with lines or arrows to depict dependencies between tasks for a better overview.


Start prioritizing initiatives and issues on the Product Roadmap template once the above-mentioned factors are clear. Organize your team’s work for the upcoming year, quarter, or month and show alignment towards the organization’s goals. Review the roadmap regularly and make adjustments when plans change.


Unify teams working on the product’s enhancements and provide a better understanding of the “big picture”. Allow your team members to focus on the most essential tasks, avoid scope creep, and make fast, autonomous decisions. Use the roadmaps to update work status and “decode” developer tasks into easily understood and digestible format.


What are the benefits of the Product Roadmap template?

Thanks to the Product Roadmap template, you can:

  • Outline a plan of action of how your product will evolve over time and when new features will be released.
  • Provide a context for the team’s day-to-day work to other departments at your organization.
  • Shift the plan to be responsive to the constantly changing competitive market.
  • Prioritize customers’ feedback to be delivered, target the release dates, and reach set milestones.
  • Align multiple teams working on the product to ensure everyone is on the same page.


How to use the Product Roadmap template in a few steps?

  1. Open the Product Roadmap template on a new board or add it to an already existing one.
  2. Address the goals in the first column by writing them down on sticky notes. Change the colors of sticky notes to differentiate your projects visually.
  3. Add sticky notes to your product-oriented roadmap to mark how much time you need to work on one project.
  4. Agree with product teams on how much time and effort they will need to dedicate to one project. Drag the edges of sticky notes right or left to mark on a swimlane in which quarters of the year they will work on specific tasks.
  5. Convert sticky notes into Jira tasks with a few clicks to start working on them right away.
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