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Project Poster Template

Create a visual summary of your next project, including objectives, core team members, and success measures.

Project Poster Template

What is the Project Poster template?

A Project Poster template is a concise visual summary of the project’s essential details; visible and available for reference at any time. It represents vital project information like objectives, core team members and stakeholders, and success measures. The project poster is a powerful document that serves as an overview, ensuring everyone understands the purpose and scope of the initiative.


Typically, a project poster has a structured format, making it easier for teams to think about the problems they’re trying to solve, find possible solutions, and what the ideal end result should look like. It’s an effective means to align team members and stakeholders, fostering a shared understanding of the project’s objectives and expected outcomes. This visual aid not only enhances communication but also serves as a handy reference throughout the project’s lifecycle.


What are the benefits of the Project Poster template?

Thanks to the Project Poster template, you can:

  • Present key information about the next project in a structured format to help team members and stakeholders understand its purpose and scope.
  • Keep everyone on the same page regarding the project’s goals and expected outcomes.
  • Involve key stakeholders early in the project lifecycle and make it easier for them to provide feedback and stay engaged.
  • Think critically about the project milestones, dependencies, and outcomes by ensuring the team can identify potential roadblocks and bottlenecks early in the process.
  • Treat the project poster as a valuable reference document throughout the project’s lifecycle and refer back to it to clarify objectives when revising the project at a later date or when onboarding new team members.


How to use the Project Poster template in a few steps?

  1. Open the Project Poster template on a new whiteboard or add it to an already existing one.
  2. Start the video call and add your camera stream to the board to collaborate with other team members.
  3. Move to the first frame titled How does this project fit the strategy? and write down the answers on sticky notes. Provide details such as the project nameproject ownercore team, and status. Then, move to the second frame, Validation, and provide more specific answers to the project: project sponsorproject leader, and meeting facilitator.
  4. Continue your exercise and move to the next frame, Problem Space. Try to answer why your team should work on this particular project and how you can measure the success. Write down your problem statementthe impact of the problem, and possible solutions on sticky notes.
  5. Proceed to the Ready to make it frame and place sticky notes with answers in the appropriate area. Provide answers to questions like: Why are we doing this?Why will a customer want this?How do we visualize the solution?, and What is the size and scope of the project? 
  6. Create action points on additional sticky notes if needed. Convert them to Jira or GitHub issues with a few clicks and start working on bringing the project to life.
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