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PROS/CONS Template

List all positives and negatives of any situation, action, or project to weigh them against each other and make better decisions.

PROS/CONS Template

What is the PROS/CONS template?

Build a simple but powerful list to understand both sides of an argument before making the final decision. List out the pros first in favor of taking a particular action. Prepare cons to see what’s against bringing your idea to life.


Making a list of both positives and negatives can help you visualize the impact your decision might have. Compare each pro and con against each other to stay objective. The template also allows you to confidently present your conclusions, stating why they’re the right ones.


What are the benefits of the PROS/CONS template?

Thanks to the PROS/CONS template, you can:

  • Organize your thoughts about a particular topic when you’re unsure which direction to follow.
  • Conduct an easy brainstorming session about any topic, feature request, or milestone.
  • Consider both the positive and negative sides of a particular action or decision.
  • Visualize the potential impact a decision can have on your product.
  • Evaluate possible scenarios when analyzing the list qualitatively.


How to use the PROS/CONS template in a few steps?

  1. Create a new board with the template or add it to an already existing one.
  2. Set the timer to make sure it will be a quick brainstorming exercise.
  3. Write down as many pros and cons as you can think of. They may relate to the latest month, sprint, project, etc. 
  4. Add comments or additional sticky notes to flag your direction of thoughts.
  5. Revisit the list anytime you need to make a decision.
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