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Quick Questions Retrospective Template

Reflect on your last sprint by creating a question and asking another person to answer it using the Quick Questions Retrospective template.

Quick Questions Retrospective Template

What is the Quick Questions Retrospective template?

Run a simple retrospective session with your team to look at what happened in your last sprint. Write down any type of question and ask the person on your virtual right to provide the answer. Continue the pattern until you have no more questions to ask. 


Avoid additional comments as a facilitator to leave a space for creativity for the rest of the team. Keep an eye on the watch to ensure the session will not last for hours. Turn the collected feedback and insights into actionable items you can implement immediately for the next sprint.


What are the benefits of the Quick Questions Retrospective template?

Thanks to the Quick Questions Retrospective template, you can:

  • Encourage your team to reflect on what happened during the last sprint and identify the improvements you would like to make.
  • Challenge your teammates to think about the answers on the spot without prior preparation.
  • Make everyone engaged in the discussion to follow its pace and know where you’re at.
  • Mention the pain pains that take place during work and find their causes and ways to solve them.
  • Improve your way of working to become more agile and lean.


How to use the Quick Questions Retrospective template in a few steps?

  1. Invite everyone to the exercise and connect on a virtual video call directly on a whiteboard.
  2. Ask everybody to type in their names onto the ready-to-use frames and pick an avatar from the list that represents them best.
  3. Introduce the activity by writing down your question on the sticky note and asking the person on your right to answer it.
  4. The following person should give their answer, type in their question, and ask the next peer to respond to it. Continue doing so until there are no more questions to ask.
  5. Appoint one person (or encourage everyone) to write down any insights from the event during the exercise in the designated frame on the board.
  6. Transform these insights into action points for the next sprint by turning sticky notes into Jira items.


**This template has been inspired by the Agile Retrospectives: Making Good Teams Great book. The avatars have been originally created by Iryna Korshak from Netguru.

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