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RACI Chart Template

Improve the communication and distribution of responsibilities within your team with the help of the ready-made RACI Chart template.

RACI Chart Template

What is the RACI Chart template?

Keep track of all the steps of the project, employees’ roles, and responsibilities on a handy RACI Chart template. Avoid confusion during different phases of the project by enabling everyone to see who they can get in touch with to discuss details. Clarify complex, cross-functional, or internal tasks on a practical matrix.


Execute projects in no time by bringing your team together and delegating tasks to appropriate specialists. Make sure all team members and stakeholders are included in each phase of the process to provide a smooth workflow and timely delivery. Use the chart to mark who’s:


  • Responsible — Team members in charge of a given process, project, or work item they must complete.
  • Accountable — Team members accountable for the entire process or an outcome. They also serve as a point of contact for all stakeholders throughout the project.
  • Consulted — Team members you should talk to if any unexpected issues arise when working on a project.
  • Informed — Team members you should keep informed about the project’s progress, any changes, roadblocks, etc.


What are the benefits of the RACI Chart template?

Thanks to the RACI Chart template, you can:

  • Reduce the confusion about the ownership of the project or the exact steps of the processes within the team.
  • Lay out clearly and quickly the roles and responsibilities amongst new hires and senior employees.
  • Reduce the chances of friction between the management and employees by letting them know who to talk to when they have questions.
  • Have clear agendas for meetings and understand which ones are redundant.
  • Keep your stakeholders up to date with the project’s progress.


How to use the RACI Chart template in a few steps?

  1. Open the empty template on a new whiteboard or add it to an existing one.
  2. Define roles and responsibilities by adding proper names at the top of each column. If you need more columns, click on the ellipsis and add a new one on the right or left side.
  3. List all needed steps and goals on separate sticky notes to deliver the project.
  4. Assign R, A, C, and I symbols to appropriate roles/persons by placing each sticky note according to the deliverables.
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