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Radar Chart Template

Organize and visualize items on the radar according to their priority or relevance and see if your ideas will solve problems.

Radar Chart Template

What is the Radar Chart template?

Conduct an exercise with your team during which you will plot new ideas according to their significance and relevance. Put them on handy sticky notes and in appropriate places on the radar diagram making sure they are within the scope of a given project. Decide whether they are of primary, secondary, or tertiary importance.


Treat the various circles of the radar as a way to recognize whether tasks are worth focusing on or if they shouldn’t be taken into consideration at all. Collaboratively establish priorities and rank ideas with your teammates by voting on the most powerful items. Make rearrangements of tasks to make your next steps easier.


What are the benefits of the Radar Chart template?

Thanks to the Radar Chart template, you can:

  • Organize specific scope items on a diagram based on their significance or relevance.
  • Put clear distinctions between primary, secondary, and tertiary items on the board.
  • Distinguish new concepts, suggestions, or potential solutions and ground them in reality.
  • Notice dependencies between tasks, rearrange items, and make your work more manageable.
  • Compare several ideas in a more structured and less cluttered way. 


How to use the Radar Chart template in a few steps?

  1. Define the problem, challenge, or any other concern in the text block above the radar diagram.
  2. Name categories by typing in their titles on sticky notes. Add more categories by drawing additional lines and placing stickies on the radar if needed.
  3. Invite participants to your session by making the board visible and editable for everyone in the Share settings.
  4. Ask participants to write ideas on sticky notes and drag and drop them in appropriate places and categories on the radar.
  5. Discuss the result on a video call with your teammates and agree upon your next steps using the voting feature.
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