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Risk Assessment Template

Identify and assess factors that can affect the success of your project with the consequence and likelihood matrix.

Risk Assessment Template

What is the Risk Assessment template?

Change the way how your team makes decisions by analyzing all the risks and perils. Make sure any potential threats to your project’s success are identified and dealt with before they get the chance to derail your work. Manage the risk for complete control over your project, deadlines, and objectives.


Make a list of all threats and worries that might appear during your project journey. Together with your team, decide collaboratively whether their consequences are negligible, marginal, critical, or catastrophic. Then, distribute the work amongst the team members and start working on the best solutions as soon as possible.


Identify all of the problems on sticky notes and transform them easily into Jira issues to start working on solutions to your problems. Connect issues with lines or links to show dependencies between tasks and decide what to deliver first. Stay in touch with your coworkers by leaving insightful comments.


What are the benefits of the Risk Assessment template?

Thanks to the Risk Assessment template, you can:

  • Deal with uncertainties and unexpected problems during a project in a flexible and adaptive way.
  • Contribute to the success of your projects by making sure you keep the deadlines, don’t exceed the budget, and achieve the set objectives.
  • React immediately to the changing environment and respond with the most suitable solutions.
  • Create better awareness of hazards and risks and spot projects in trouble faster.
  • Make better and more grounded choices supported by quality data.


How to use the Risk Assessment template in a few steps?

  1. Open the Risk Assessment template on a new board or add it to an already existing one.
  2. Start writing down the possible business or project risks on sticky notes. Treat this form of the matrix as a simple exercise of spotting the potential impact of each risk on your users or customers.
  3. Drag and drop sticky notes with appointed risks in appropriate places of the Likelihood/Consequences matrix. Connect them with lines if one risk derives from the other.
  4. Convert the most important notes into Jira issues with one click.
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