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ROTI Feedback Meeting Template

Ask your teammates if they gained any value from the meeting you just had by incorporating the ROTI Feedback Meeting template on your board.

ROTI Feedback Meeting Template

What is the ROTI Feedback Meeting template?

Collect feedback about your meeting right before it ends using a fast, simple, and visual Return On Time Invested (ROTI) template. See how much value each participant gained from the event by asking them to rate their experience. The simple rating method will assess whether they feel the time spent in the meeting was worthwhile.


Wrap up your session by focusing on what can be done better next time you organize a meeting. Ask participants to anonymously provide feedback by voting on one of five available options:

  • Definitely not — The meeting was not valuable for the participants, and they felt like it could have been an email instead.
  • Not really — The session was helpful, but not all aspects discussed were worth people’s time.
  • Somewhat — The participants found the meeting useful enough for their everyday job and position.
  • Mostly — The session was great to gain more value than expected.
  • Absolutely — People gained a lot of value from the session and didn’t feel like they wasted their time at all.


What are the benefits of the ROTI Feedback Meeting template?

Thanks to the ROTI Feedback Meeting template, you can:

  • Conduct an anonymous and independent voting session without pinpointing individuals, criticizing, or putting the blame on them.
  • Learn how much value your participants obtain from each meeting and try to improve their experience with every following session.
  • Ask for sincere and honest ratings that reflect the time and importance, not an ideal score.
  • Get to know your participants’ perspectives on the event to improve your performance and choose the next guest list better.
  • Continuously improve your processes by asking participants for their future-based statements.


How to use the ROTI Feedback Meeting template in a few steps?

  1. Insert the ROTI Feeback Meeting template to the whiteboard where you just conducted your meeting.
  2. Enable the voting feature with one vote per person and ask your teammates to assign it to one of five available options.
  3. Ensure your participants that the voting session is anonymous and provide additional information about the exercise — whether the meeting helped them solve a problem, clear up confusion, or move forward with their project.
  4. Review the scores and discuss them with your team. Remember that you can do it using the audio and video feature on the board.
  5. Ask event members to provide further suggestions on sticky notes to improve upcoming meetings.
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