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Sailboat Retrospective Template

Define the vision of where you want to go next with your projects. Identify risks with the sailboat retrospective template. Find out what slows your team down, and what helps them achieve their goals.

Sailboat Retrospective Template

What is the Sailboat Retrospective template?

Use the sailboat exercise to engage your team in the retro session and evaluate the previous sprint. Collaboratively figure out what works best for you and your teammates by envisioning the last sprint as a wind-powered sailboat. Point out on handy sticky notes what pushed your project forward, what risks held it back, and vote on actions that went well during the sprint to continue doing them. 


Uncover valuable information during the retro session to improve your processes or make incremental changes. Prevent siloed communication by using the video chat feature on Whiteboards and treating retros as a team-building exercise. Remind everyone you are on the same sailboat navigating in the same direction.


What are the benefits of the Sailboat Retrospective template?

Thanks to Sailboat Retrospective, you can:

  • Spot potential risks and obstacles for your sprint and come up with a way to address them before they evolve into major issues.
  • Represent visually which “anchors” keep your “boat” in one place and prevent your sprint from moving forward.
  • Identify what actions “propel your sailboat” and help you determine what went well in your previous sprint.
  • Specify both long and short-term objectives for your sprint using the haven metaphor.
  • Lead your team towards continuous improvement by identifying what is helping and hurting your projects, timelines, and deadlines.
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