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Six Thinking Hats Template

Help your team be more focused, productive, and involved in projects with the help of the Six Thinking Hats template.

Six Thinking Hats Template

What is the Six Thinking Hats template?

Take a look at problems your organization might have in six different ways. Explore a wide range of perspectives to see where the issue’s core might be and which solutions will help you resolve it. Move outside the usual and habitual thinking and try a different approach to come up with constructive solutions for moving forward.


Focus on discovering:

  • Facts — Neutral and objective, backed up with data and facts. The white hat represents information gathering, asking questions, and listening. Here you put all insights you already collected and the information you would like to know.
  • Emotion — Your intuition and gut feeling. The pink hat represents your feelings and instincts. Here you express your emotions before justifying them logically.
  • Benefit — Optimistic, positive, and hopeful. The yellow hat represents looking at issues in the most positive light. Here you think forward and accentuate the benefits.
  • Ideas — Creative, energetic, and growth-oriented. The green hat represents all sorts of suggestions, proposals, or alternatives and is linked to creative thinking. Here you focus on exploring various ideas and potential ways forward.
  • Planning — In control of other hats. The blue hat represents the thinking and decision-making process. Here you build, manage, and conclude the procedures, ask the participants for comments, and reach conclusions.
  • Judgment — careful and judgmental. The black hat represents the reasons why something does not work, goes wrong, or is not worth doing. Here you have to be cautious, assess all the risks, and be able to explain why you have concerns.


What are the benefits of the Six Thinking Hats template?

Thanks to the Six Thinking Hats template, you can:

  • Take a look at various problems, opportunities, or decisions from six different perspectives and thus make the meeting shorter and more productive.
  • Think parallelly as a group to help you maximize collaboration and co-create better ideas.
  • View the problems from unusual angles and enable yourself to spot opportunities where others would only see problems.
  • Achieve significant results in a shorter time by discovering alternative solutions.
  • Reduce tensions amongst team members and keep their egos at bay.


How to use the Six Thinking Hats template in a few steps?

  1. Invite your team to a virtual video call on your whiteboard by sending them an email invitation or sharing a link.
  2. Define the subject of the meeting you want to discuss in the main text block.
  3. Follow the columns from left to right by dragging and dropping there sticky notes with your ideas, suggestions, or comments. Focus only on one column at a time. Enable the timer if you want the session to be a short but effective workshop.
  4. Discuss the results with your teammates when everyone is ready.
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