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Spider Diagram Template

Visualize multivariate data of different variables directly on a spider diagram template. Show similarities, differences, or outliers of your product.

Spider Diagram Template

What is the Spider Diagram template?

Present graphically different aspects of your product using a simple radar chart, also known as Spider Diagram. Display multivariate data on a two-dimensional diagram of three or more variables (categories). Mark the data as dots (nodes) in appropriate places on the axes (spokes) and then connect them with lines.

Show how similar or different your product is when looking at it from different perspectives or comparing various aspects. Draw a spider web in one color, representing one data set for one product or function, but use different colors for other factors if you want to place them on the same diagram. Use the chart not only to visualize the product but also to sketch the distribution of skills amongst team members, your personal preferences of food or beverages, etc.


What are the benefits of the Spider Diagram template?

Thanks to the Spider Diagram template, you can:

  • Speed up your review and appraisal processes.
  • Notice data outliers and commonalities.
  • Visualize any performance data on a chart based on your analytics.
  • Use it for comparison to, for instance, recognize which employees lack a particular set of skills and act further upon it.
  • Organize your thoughts and learnings about a specific topic.


How to use the Spider Diagram template in a few steps?

  1. Define the categories in which you want to analyze your product. Write down their names, factors, or any other aspects at the end of the axis. The axis should be arranged radially around the central point of the diagram.
  2. Define the value of each category and place a dot (node) in the appropriate place on the axis (spoke).
  3. Add lines between the nodes to connect the values from each spoke and create a virtual spider web. 
  4. To compare various products on the same diagram, use a different color to add nodes and lines.
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