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Super Quick Team Building Template

Warm up with your team before serious work by choosing the best images representing your today’s mood.

Super Quick Team Building Template

What is the Super Quick Team Building template?

Smooth your way into the next Agile event by conducting a fun, warm-up exercise with your team. Release the tension before a demanding workshop by choosing the best image (or meme) demonstrating your mood. Discuss why your teammates chose a specific image if they are willing to share this information.


Go one step further and ask your coworkers about their goals or dreams for the day. Build stronger relationships in your team by discussing things people might have in common. Conduct the exercise for a couple of minutes before jumping back into work mode.


What are the benefits of the Super Quick Team Building template?

Thanks to the Super Quick Team Building template, you can:

  • Represent your current mood visually while also having fun with your team.
  • Lighten up the atmosphere before the demanding and lengthy workshops or meetings.
  • Get to know newcomers by letting them express their feelings and wishes.
  • Forge strong bonds between team members even if they’re working remotely.
  • Build trust amongst employees and increase team collaboration efforts.


How to use the Super Quick Team Building template in a few steps?

  1. Open the template on a new whiteboard or add it to an existing one. Use the ready-made template as a quick warm-up before starting any workshops or meetings.
  2. Ask the team members to choose a picture that represents them best at a given moment. Write your names on sticky notes and drag and drop them next to a selected image.
  3. Spend a few minutes on a short discussion to discover why people chose specific images. Set the timer if needed to keep this part of the exercise as short as possible. Let everyone discuss their reasons if they feel comfortable sharing that information.
  4. Move to the last part of the exercise and ask your teammates what they dream about today. Add sticky notes, images, or GIFs to represent professional or personal wishes for the day.
  5. Start your workshop or meeting after a quick chat.


**The images representing the moods and emotions were pulled from Google Images.

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