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Team Building Template

Conduct a weekly team-building activity allowing team members to express their thoughts, share any news, or give recommendations on their new favorite books or movies.

Team Building Template

What is the Team Building template?

Conduct an insightful team-building activity to help your employees better understand each other and get to know their personalities. Develop positive relationships in your team and make sure everyone feels comfortable sharing their feelings, happy moments, or hobbies. Use people’s creativity to resolve problems if any occur during the exercise.


Enhance the bond between team members in the group by helping them share a little bit more information about themselves. Let everyone discuss activities or events they enjoy doing outside the office hours. Learn something new each week about your teammates and see if there are any connections between their skills to help them interact and work more effectively together.


What are the benefits of the Team Building template?

Thanks to the Team Building template, you can:

  • Build better relationships amongst the team members by allowing them to express their emotions or share any news from their personal life.
  • Boost the team’s morale by showing an enthusiastic, empathetic, and positive workspace where all employees can feel cared for and listened to.
  • Keep people engaged and focused on the exercise by letting them use their creativity and imagination.
  • Provide a fresh perspective on the problems other team members face and offer a sympathetic ear.
  • Discover strengths and weaknesses based on how participants perform in the exercise and utilize that knowledge in the future.


How to use the Team Building template in a few steps?

  1. Invite the team members to your team-building exercise by sharing a link to the board or typing email addresses in the Guest Access section.
  2. Set a timer for 5 minutes (or more if needed) and let the participants fill up their designated frames by:
  • inserting a GIF representing their current mood;
  • telling others any news, facts, or stories they feel comfortable sharing;
  • uploading a picture of their newest favorite book, movie, or series;
  • placing a sticky note or emoji showing little things that lately made them happy.

3. Complete the exercise with a chat during which everyone will discuss their card and share or receive any feedback from others. 

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