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Team Canvas Template

Bring every team member on the same page, determine their motivations and goals, and help minimize conflicts and frictions.

Team Canvas Template

What is the Team Canvas template?

Facilitate effective team collaboration and alignment meetings with the Team Canvas template. Provide a visual framework for your coworkers to rediscover their shared objectives, individual strengths, and potential areas for improvement. Analyze your group’s dynamics, establish clear roles and responsibilities, and outline action points to enhance overall productivity. Use the template as a powerful resource to strengthen team bonds, foster open dialogue, and drive success in achieving common goals.


The Team Canvas template serves as a comprehensive view of the team, providing valuable insights into fellow members’ perspectives, aspirations, and potential challenges. It enables teams to create a shared vision, fostering a sense of ownership and commitment among all participants. The template acts as a collaborative space where teams can openly address issues, set actionable goals, and build a strong foundation for future growth. Utilizing the Team Canvas template is a transformative step towards cultivating a positive team culture and maximizing the team’s potential.


What are the benefits of the Team Canvas template?

Thanks to the Team Canvas template, you can:

  • Analyze your strengths and weaknesses to help your team work through group dynamics.
  • Find the weak spots in the team and resolve conflicts before they emerge as major problems.
  • Align with your team members on your shared objectives and help them boost their productivity.
  • Review your team’s purpose to ensure it’s still relevant (and adjust it if necessary).
  • Introduce newcomers to the team and its goals and values.


How to use the Team Canvas template in a few steps?

  1. Open the Team Canvas template on a new whiteboard or add it to an already existing one.
  2. Add your camera stream to the board and start the video call to see and talk to your team members. 
  3. Write your team name in the designated space as well as the date of the workshop.
  4. Set up the timer to ensure the session does not last too long. Decide with the entire team whether you would like to work individually or as a group, and start filling out sticky notes with your answers to the following sections:
  • Goals — What do we want to achieve as a group? What is our key goal that is feasible, measurable, and time-bound?
  • Roles and skills — What are the skills that our team members have that will help us achieve our goals?
  • Values — What do we stand for? What are our guiding principles? What common values do we want to be at the core of our team?
  • Rules and activity — What rules do we want to introduce after this session? How do we execute and evaluate what we do?
  • Purpose — Why are we doing what we are doing?

5. Discuss the notes together after the time is up. If needed, write down any additional action points to work and focus on in the future.

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