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Team’s Warm-Up Template

Learn more about how your coworkers feel, what challenges are in their way, and what they dream about today during a team’s warm-up exercise.

Team’s Warm-Up Template

What is the Team’s Warm-Up template?

Warm up with your team before getting to serious work during your workshop. Encourage participants to share how they are currently feeling, which task is giving them trouble at the moment, and what they are particularly dreaming about today. Mark the energy level by pointing to the appropriate spot on the bar.

Use a template when you want new team members to share their recent experiences and observations or get to know each other better. Conduct warm-up exercises whenever you plan to hold challenging and full-day workshops, refinements, or PI Planning sessions. Effective warm-up exercises can spark a conversation, reinforce discussion topics, and increase people’s engagement in the event.


What are the benefits of the Team’s Warm-Up template?

Thanks to the Team’s Warm-Up template, you can:

  • Discover how your teammates are currently feeling, what they struggle with at work, and what they would like to achieve today.
  • Host an energizing session and start an open conversation before jumping into further work.
  • Take the pressure off people’s shoulders that had built up over the previous days or weeks.
  • See how energetic and tired your coworkers are and adjust the flow of your workshops accordingly.
  • Boost everyone’s engagement and interest in the meeting.


How to use the Team’s Warm-Up template in a few steps?

  1. Add the template to any other already existing whiteboard before proceeding to serious work.
  2. Invite your team members to the warm-up session by sharing the board URL with them or sending an email invitation.
  3. Join the video call to be able to see your teammates and speak to them.
  4. Start filling out the information about your today’s mood, challenge, and dream. Use GIFs or pictures for a better representation.
  5. Let everyone go through their choices during a 15-minute discussion.
  6. Proceed to the next step to drag and drop an arrow with your name on the energy level bar. 
  7. Finish the warm-up exercise by asking participants what their expectations are from the meeting. Inform them about the purpose of the next event and if their recommendations can (or cannot) be met.
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