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Three Little Pigs Retrospective Template

Facilitate engaging and insightful discussions about the past, enhancing team collaboration and problem-solving abilities.

Three Little Pigs Retrospective Template

What is the Three Little Pigs Retrospective template?

The Three Little Pigs Retrospective is a dynamic and interactive framework for team reflection and analysis. Based on the timeless fable of the three little pigs, this retrospective method leverages the story’s symbolism to draw parallels with project management. Each pig’s choice of building material mirrors the decisions and strategies made during a project’s lifecycle. This metaphor provides a tangible and relatable context for teams to evaluate their choices and outcomes.


By using the Three Little Pigs framework as a foundation, teams can delve into discussions about risk management, adaptability, and strategic planning. The retrospective encourages participants to consider different perspectives, fostering a collaborative atmosphere. Through this process, team members identify strengths, weaknesses, and potential areas for improvement. Ultimately, the Three Little Pigs Retrospective serves as an engaging and effective method to enhance team cohesion, problem-solving skills, and overall project performance.


What are the benefits of the Three Little Pigs Retrospective template?

Thanks to the Three Little Pigs Retrospective template, you can:

  • Initiate a discussion about improvements needed in processes, projects, or teams.
  • Highlight the importance of talking about the past to avoid making similar mistakes in the future.
  • Foster discussions around diverse perspectives and encourage team members to voice their opinions.
  • Prompt the team to think about past obstacles and develop contingency plans, promoting a proactive approach to problem-solving.
  • Enhance team bonding by collaborating, sharing opinions, and thinking creatively, ultimately strengthening their working relationships.


How to use the Three Little Pigs Retrospective template in a few steps?

  1. Open the Three Little Pigs Retrospective template on a new whiteboard or add it to an already existing one.
  2. Start the video call and add your camera stream to the board to talk to your team during the retrospective session.
  3. Discuss what problems, timeframe, or projects you want to reminisce about and start the event. To speed up the process, use the Timer option for each part of the exercise.
  4. Start writing the answers on sticky notes to the following questions: Things that could easily fall apartThings that are working but could be improved, and Things that are strong and stable. Place the sticky notes in an appropriate area on the whiteboard.
  5. Go through all the answers with your team after the time is up. Make additional notes with action points if necessary. Get back to the retrospective exercise whenever needed.
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