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Timeline Template

Outline your upcoming projects on a timeline to see all future milestones at a glance.

Timeline Template

What is the Timeline template?

Display a chronological order of all projects, priorities, events, activities, milestones, and many more on a digital timeline. Use the template as the opportunity to tell visual stories of your teams’ progress and objectives. Enable everyone in the organization to see at a glance what happened in the past, what everybody is working on now, and what needs to be accomplished in the future.


Deliver your product successfully by treating the timeline as a mini-roadmap with quarters, months, and teams responsible for execution. Communicate new features developments, bug fixes, or small improvements with the help of sticky notes, color coding, or lines. Estimate how long the different phases of the projects can take and mark them on the timeline accordingly.


What are the benefits of the Timeline template?

Thanks to the Timeline template, you can:

  • Present a visual summary of projects, priorities, or events that provide a source of truth and direction.
  • Jot down important pieces of information and ensure that no key points are missed out.
  • Highlight the most important milestones or phases of projects that your team needs to work on.
  • Prepare a time-sensitive plan and itinerary of all objectives and goals you would like to achieve during a particular period.
  • Prioritize processes, activities, and product launches by following a roadmap.


How to use the Timeline template in a few steps?

  1. Open the template on a new whiteboard or add it to an existing one.
  2. Add, to the left of the timeline, as many sticky notes as there will be teams involved in the work. Write their names on the stickies.
  3. Start putting milestones, activities, or projects on the timeline. Differentiate them from each other by changing the colors of sticky notes. Add lines or dashed lines to visually mark their deadlines.
  4. Place rectangle sticky notes next to your teams to mark which phase of work happens in which month. The width of the stickies indicates how much time the team will need to complete a specific step. In the case of a web team, these might be the discoverydesigntesting, and implementation phases.
  5. Get back to the timeline anytime you want to check if you and your team have achieved the goals.
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