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User Story Mapping Template

Visualize your users’ experience by placing user stories along your customer journey and prioritizing them into sprints.

User Story Mapping Template

In 2005, Jeff Patton introduced the first Story Maps. The main idea behind them was to manage and prioritize work that needed to be done in an organized and efficient way. For that, a richer structure was necessary and single-list product backlogs turned out to be an outdated technique. A user story map is a robust tool that allows an agile team to groom their product backlog and plan the product releases more effectively.

A user story map captures the customer’s journey with the product, including their activities and tasks with the system. Creating a story map collaboratively with the entire team ensures that all team members are on the same page from the start of the project, through the deployment of new features, up to the ongoing development of new releases.

With the User Story Mapping template, you can:

  • Brainstorm, discuss, and collaboratively prioritize user needs.
  • Engage all team members in the process of user story map creation and collaborate with your entire team.
  • Arrange and prioritize user activities and tasks and divide them into related epics or user stories.
  • Manage backlog with an overview and leveled structure.
  • Collaborate with your on-site or remote team, in real-time or asynchronously.
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