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Value Effort Matrix Template

Prioritize your product backlog to build effective roadmaps using a structured value and effort matrix.

Value Effort Matrix Template

What is the Value Effort Matrix template?

Align your team’s priorities and get the projects back on track while reducing wasted time and energy. Use the value effort matrix to determine the most effective ways to allocate your work to maximize the impact. Prioritize your tasks efficiently to find a straightforward path toward achieving your goals.


Place all of your suggestions or ideas in the appropriate quadrant to see whether they can be considered easy wins, big bets, money pits, or incremental. Plan out your next steps by taking into consideration the required effort and potential positive outcomes. Identify the boundaries and differentiate between the actual needs and wants.


What are the benefits of the Value Effort Matrix template?

Thanks to the Value Effort Matrix template, you can:

  • Ease the decision-making process using a method helping to optimize limited time and resources while also providing a visual representation of daily tasks.
  • Prioritize work items based on what will be most valuable for the team members to help them achieve their ultimate objectives.
  • Evaluate how you work on your tasks and find suitable solutions to reduce wasting your energy and efforts.
  • Classify tasks based on their impact on the team, the goal, or if they are worth doing at all.
  • Align various team members or stakeholders on the advancements and priorities.


How to use the Value Effort Matrix template in a few steps?

  1. Invite a diverse group of participants to your session by sending them an email or link to your whiteboard.
  2. Write down your ideas, concepts, or projects on sticky notes and drag and drop them in the appropriate quadrant of the matrix.
  3. Discuss the results with your team over a video call directly on the whiteboard and use the voting feature to agree upon items for development.
  4. Turn the most voted sticky notes into actionable Jira issues with two clicks and continue your work.
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