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Whiteboards Basics Tutorial Template

Learn the basics of Whiteboards by following the simple tutorial in the form of a template.

Whiteboards Basics Tutorial Template

What is the Whiteboards Basics Tutorial template?

Familiarize your audience with the tool you will later use during your meeting or workshops by inviting them to the already-prepared step-by-step tutorial. Invite everyone to learn how to move around the board and navigate from its one side to another. Encourage visual learners to play the video if they prefer to get to know Whiteboards that way. 

Let your participants discover the basic features by reading the instructions and practicing using the tool on their own in appointed frames. Do this exercise with your guests to smoothly and quickly get to know the options listed on the template. Once everybody is on board, continue your event using the features your teammates just discovered.


What are the benefits of the Whiteboards Basics Tutorial template?

Thanks to the Whiteboards Basics Tutorial template, you can:

  • Start the collaboration and learning processes before the actual meeting or workshop.
  • Host an interactive session during which all board guests can better understand the whiteboarding tool you will use during the event.
  • Enhance the interaction between students and get them in the spirit of working on a digital solution.
  • Let the users discover the tool by themselves, especially if they are visual learners.
  • Boost the engagement of all users by introducing them to an innovative app.


How to use the Whiteboards Basics Tutorial template in a few steps?

  1. Open the template on a new virtual whiteboard or insert it on the already existing one.
  2. Scroll through available slides on the board to learn how specific features work and what they’re for. 
  3. Test out the features in the appointed spaces by clicking the appropriate buttons and following the instructions you just read.
  4. Encourage your teammates or board guests to do the same if they use Whiteboards for the first time.
  5. Continue your event after everyone has familiarized themselves with Whiteboards.
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