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Whiteboards Features Template 

Give your board guest an opportunity to dive deeper into features available on Whiteboards.

Whiteboards Features Template 

What is the Whiteboards Features template?

Familiarize your event guests with the features available in the Whiteboards tool. Encourage them to watch a video tutorial demonstrating the application’s benefits. Ask your participants to read the instructions for each function listed on the slides to know where they’re placed within the tool and what you can do with them.

Consider the slides as an opportunity to break the ice within the team or a warm-up exercise before continuing deep work. If your participants are unfamiliar with the tool you are holding your meeting or workshop on, this will be an ideal option for learning a new solution. Once your participants have tested the available options, continue with the substantial part of the event.


What are the benefits of the Whiteboards Features template?

Thanks to the Whiteboards Features template, you can:

  • Test the tool yourself and learn it quicker if you are a visual learner.
  • See how fast or slow your guests accommodate the new app during your event.
  • Break the first ice if the participants have not yet had a chance to get to know each other before the meeting continues.
  • Present the tool to management if they are in the process of deciding whether to purchase a new online collaboration tool.
  • Treat this exercise as a warm-up before proceeding with further challenging work.


How to use the Whiteboards Features template in a few steps?

  1. Open the ready-to-use template or insert it on an already-existing board.
  2. Invite your guests to the board by sending them an URL or email invitation.
  3. Encourage everyone to watch the video tutorial about Whiteboards and go through all frames with the features’ descriptions.
  4. Test out the features on the board by following the instruction you just read.
  5. Continue your event after everyone has familiarized themselves with the tool.
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